Day 7 - Creating a free bonus for future subscribers - Profit Hunter

Day 7 - Creating a free bonus for future subscribers - Profit Hunter With the support of: Search engine promotion.

Gradually turn to what will bring you the main income from the blog 🙂

But first, let's go back to the previous part of the Spring Marathon. Uhnich Anton sent me a link to an excellent directory of public WordPress MU platforms that you can use to create satellites.

Also learn the mini-book on getting backlinks to a blog from an SEO-writer.

If you have useful links on any of the topics of the Spring Marathon, let me know: I will definitely put a link to the resource on you personally.

And now the useful resources for today's video:

  • How to create an information product in 72 hours.
  • A huge list of sites where PLR ​​products are sold (if the page does not open, register on the forum).
  • Search engine for public domain materials.

[wpyt_profile1] dzHasxVD0Ak [/ wpyt_profile1]

Download link on Rapidshare (. Avi, 37,71 Mb).

In the next section, we'll talk about creating an account on the mailing list service.

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