Day 6 - Creating satellites for the blog - Profit Hunter

Day 6 - Creating satellites for the blog - Profit Hunter If you are going to build a small (or better large 🙂) niche empire, you cannot do without satellites.

Today's useful links:

  • List of free platforms
  • Program for rewriting WordFlood content (there is a trial for 14 days)
  • List blog hosts based on WordPress MU (special thanks to SEO Joker)

The only thing to note is that at the moment Blogger is going through not the best of times, but perhaps in the future he will rise from Aki Phoenix ashes, and blogs on Blogspote will again be held in high esteem by Google This has happened before: then Squidoo suffered from the hands of spammers.

Video under the cat.

[wpyt_profile1] 8I-6NEKI7uM [/ wpyt_profile1]

Download link on Rapidshare (. Avi, 26,41 Mb).


SEO-Critic has launched a social network for bloggers. The project has just been published, so do not hesitate to add articles from your bookmarks and blogs (if you add an article from my blog, I will definitely not be offended 😉).


With the support of: Stimul-Cash. com - Its white pharmacy

Records by topic:

  • Day 2 - Search for keywords
  • Day 5 - Where to search for content for the blog
  • And again about backlinks - WordPress MU and Flickr
  • Link Building Secrets - Google Alerts

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