Day 5 - Where to search for blog content - Profit Hunter

Day 5 - Where to search for blog content - Profit Hunter Gradually move to more interesting topics 🙂

To remove the video under the cat, I first publish useful links, and after them the video itself (I hope you will not mind).

So, useful links:

[wpyt_profile1] xm6zqLgxSJs [/ wpyt_profile1]

Rapidshare download link (. avi, Mb)

The next video will be about creating satellites for the blog.

Update: The kost blog reader gave a link to Google’s “language switch” that will allow you to watch Google news without using Garrett’s toolbar (which is still indispensable to others goals 😉.) This service is http: // www. google. com / ncr.


While writing a post, I found out that a new version of the script was published Brush from Arser. Now there is an admin panel, an Amazon affiliate program, a synonymizer ... Damn, my hands are itching to try it out 🙂


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Records by topic:

  • Day 1 - Search and selection of niche
  • Day 3 - Hosting, domain and installation of WordPress
  • Niche link building
  • Optimization of old posts

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