Day 5 - Judgment Day - Profit Hunter

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Judgment Day

So the day you waited has come. It is time to collect all the information on ideas and niches and select 2 niches with which we will continue to work. Surely you have niches that stand out from the rest. We will most likely work with them.

A phrase that brings money

What you learn on Monday can shock you. We (Ed and Robert) have discovered a way to use Wordracker and Google Trends to find out the exact amount of traffic for any keyword on Google.

This will help you highlight the phrase that will become your goldmine and the basis of your earnings on the Internet. You will absolutely know what phrase and, most importantly, how much traffic will bring you.

After all, before we start testing a niche, we need to know whether there is at least some traffic there or not. Previously, we could not do this, but times change. So be on the lookout. You all know on Monday.

Craft tools

I (Ed) will give two life examples that will show you how important the technical side of any business is. The first example is my hairdresser. Once I (Ed) asked her how much her scissors cost, and she replied that they cost $ 700.

Not weak. But the fact is that a professional hairdresser has hundreds of reasons to buy scissors for 700, not 70 dollars. And he / she will not consider it a waste.

I (again, Ed) adore reality shows. And one of my all-time favorite shows is about cooks. So, I noticed that each participant comes to the show with his own set of knives.

And you know how much such a set costs? 2-3 thousand dollars. I (Ed) specifically checked. You ask, why do they need such knives? And then, that without them you will perish in this matter.

The most interesting thing here is that many people who want to make money on the Internet relate to this completely different way. They think that for this they need a dial-up connection and Pentium number 1. But this is the same thing as cutting hair with children's plastic scissors.

Such an approach is completely wrong.

Why pay hundreds and thousands of dollars for courses and tuition so that you can sit at a computer that you need to retire a couple of years ago? It is simply meaningless.

In addition to a good computer, you need fast internet. aDSL, cable, but not dial-up or GPRS (except when you really have no other choice).

As for the computer, I personally (Ed) strongly recommend to purchase Mac (intosh). The trick here is that with the high price of hardware, software for Mac is relatively cheap, so if you use licensed programs for PCs, the final cost of computers will be about the same. And this is despite the fact that Apple software, especially in multimedia, is ahead of the Windows applications.

Think about it.

And again, the reality show

Reality shows clearly show how marketing should work. My favorite was and remains the show “American Idol”. (Our Star Factory.)

Day 5 - Judgment Day - Profit Hunter

It used to be like this: Representatives of record companies went to clubs and looked for talents. They spent it a lot of money. After that, the recording started. After the recording, an advertising campaign was launched. All this required considerable expenses and nine of ten projects were failing. What was their mistake?

They put the goods in the first place

But look at the Star Factory. What do they have in the first place?

That's right, market research .

They collect thousands of applicants and make a selection. That is, they first observe and then judge.

As this is a TV show, and everyone wants to get into the camera lens, they have no shortage of traffic.

As a result, only the best of the applicants. The organizers spend a certain amount of money on organizing the show and immediately start making money from it - by voting.

In addition to making good money, they allow the market - we are with you - independently choose the best singer or singer. If we continue the analogy with Internet marketing, the winner of the show (and those who will win prizes) will become their main source of income. This will be their “product.”

Our Autumn Marathon is built on this principle. We will not only test the market, but also try to capitalize on it.

So, let's get started!

I hope you have fulfilled all of my (Ed) instructions and you have 7 ideas for potential niche markets ready. Now, with the help of Wordtracker we will measure their potential.

At the moment, our main task is to find an “umbrella”. Umbrella, we will call a phrase with an acceptable competition. Acceptable competition is 25-30 thousand competing pages and more than 80 search queries per day.

A good umbrella is guaranteed success, a bad umbrella is guaranteed problems.

Open Wordtracker in the search bar or on a new page and type “speed reading.”

Day 5 - Judgment Day - Profit Hunter

On the left you see the daily number of requests for each phrase: "speed reading course online ”- 871,“ speed reading ”- 380,“ speed reading free ”- 67, etc.

This is supposed data. The Wordtracker database includes data from the Dogpile and Metacrawler databases, which together account for 0.63% of the search queries on all search engines and account for more than 350 million queries that users have made in the last 90 days. You will read more about this here.

As a rule, Wordtracker shows the correct numbers, but this is not always the case. That’s why we’ll check this data with Google Trends. But we will come back to this on Monday.

Now let's see what Google tells us about the phrase “speed reading.”

General match

Contribute phrase in the search box without adding any other characters, and click “Search”.

Google says that the words “speed” and “reading” are present on more than 76 million pages.

Day 5 - Judgment Day - Profit Hunter

That's a lot. Lots of. We will not be able to compete with so many sites. However, at this stage, we are interested only in the traffic that is interested specifically in speed reading.

Exact match

To do this, enclose the phrase in quotation marks.

As you can see, there are fewer competitors.

Day 5 - Judgment Day - Profit Hunter

However, this competition is too high for us, so we must discard the phrase “speed reading” and look for a phrase with even less competition.

Next in a row the phrase “speed reading free” is 67 requests per day.

As you have already understood the general coincidence, it is pointless to check, so we will immediately move on to the exact one.

Day 5 - Judgment Day - Profit Hunter

Day 5 - Judgment Day - Profit Hunter

This is already something. A total of 6970 pages on which this phrase appears in the specified sequence. This figure is fully consistent with our requirements.

According to this indicator, the key phrase is very suitable for the position of “umbrella.” However, a good umbrella has not only few competitors, but also many visitors. For this phrase, we have only 67 inquiries per day. Not enough. of course, 80-100. But since we use this phrase exclusively as a prototype, this is enough for us.

Description of the "umbrella"

  • 80-100 requests per day;
  • 25000-30000 competing pages.

A few more words about 30000

Use common sense. If the pages are not 30 thousand, but 32, think, maybe it should be left, especially if there are not 100, but 250 phrase queries.

But remember: the smaller the pages, the easier it will be for you to go to the first ten

You have a whole weekend to do it all. Run niches through Wordtracker and Google Search and select “umbrellas.” Write down anything that more or less meets the specified criteria. In the future, this will be useful.

As for Runet. To search for “umbrellas”, you can use Wordstat hybrid from Yandex and Google Search. The principle is the same here. Taking into account that Yandex shows requests by months, the “umbrella” should have 2500 requests.

Once you find the key phrase that meets this requirement, enter it into the Google search box (with quotes) and see how many you have potential competitors. Here the criterion is the same - 25-30000 pages.

I wish you a good weekend!

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