Day 5. Filling the site with unique content - Profit Hunter

Today we want you, first, to start creating unique content for your micronishi.

And the second task for today is to start practicing, we will buy your first “piece of land”, we will get a domain and hosting.
Now, we have to pay for obtaining a domain and hosting, but these are our assets, which subsequently will bring us more. And our main task now is to do everything possible for this, namely, using Market Samurai to search for content.

At this stage, all our thoughts are only about creating web pages that we want to see in the search engine our selected key phrases in the top.Web pages are filled with material, content that is not maybe just about something. ” We need content on the topic of our keyword, so that it attracts search engines, and it is interesting and exciting for visitors. The question arises - “Where does the content come from?”. You can pay someone (outsourcing) or publish content from some website, but we recommend writing your own unique content.
If you already have a lot of information on your niche , and perhaps you can write a blog or articles, but before you write, you need to do a little research, in which the Find Content Module can help us in the Market Samurai program.

Two advantages of the Module Search of Content

  • allows us to find the material we need.
  • allows us to compare the popularity of the content.

Definition of popularity

To create an interesting site that Google will like, our readers and other sites will also provide links to our site, you need to know:
- what content is currently popular
- what content is currently being referred to

Article Directories - directory of articles

Article Directories - websites where people post their articles, content for free to use by anyone who wishes on their sites, but referred to the original source, the author. And even if we are not going to reprint such articles, this does not mean at all that we cannot use this catalog to generate ideas of our own articles with optimized keywords.

Quick Demonstration of the Content Search Module

Continue with the keyword phrase “Used Solar Panels” by clicking on the “Key” button and create your own bookmark. Next, click on the new bookmark and go to the Module Search for content.

Day 5. Filling the site with unique content - Profit Hunter

In the search for content, select the format: articles, blogs, videos from Youtube, images from Flickr, news, documents from Scribd, etc. Choose from E-zine articles and on Wikipedia and run the search, click on "Analyze” and get statistics on the selected article, it is also possible to select all and get an analysis on all articles.

Day 5. Filling the site with unique content - Profit Hunter

Consider the result of the analysis:

Day 5. Filling the site with unique content - Profit Hunter

So, the

PC column - phrase count, phrase count, shows how many times our key phrase “Used Solar Panels” was mentioned in the text of the article.

IC - index count, index count, shows how many times Market Samurai has found another use of content, a link to a re-publication.

PR - Google Page rank, page authorization calculation algorithm used by Google search engine.

BL - backlinks, since Page rank is updated every three months for the last published articles, backlinks are the best algorithm for calculating credibility.

Age - article age (show publication date)

It is possible to sort by each of these indicators, all articles are active and by clicking on each of them you can examine the content in detail, save it to your computer.

How to write a unique article?

Today we’ll talk about how to write a unique article using other sources with the help of Samurai’s all-powerful tool. Even if you don’t know how or If you like to write, you have made your choice, you are with us, with the 30-day Marathon, and the article is part of this marathon.
So, before writing an article, use a couple of tips:

  • never engage in a banal copy-paste, passing it off as its own, this is not fair.
  • when using a sentence or paragraph as quotations, let's link to the author, copy sign yta.
  • always carefully study the source, and then build your knowledge base
  • try to study your subject as much as possible, cover more information
  • , read the text, and then write a retelling from memory, as a presentation, absorbing all the information read.

Consider a living example:

Day 5. Filling the site with unique content - Profit Hunter

Using the Samurai Market tool, we will search for content by topic " Australian Mist Cat. We click on the “Find content” and go to the tab with our key phrase, select the search we are interested in search engines, blogs, news and we have a list of headlines, articles with pictures that can be saved in a convenient format for you, for example, in Google Docs.Then carefully read the article, paragraph by paragraph and write a retelling, presentation, using synonyms, paraphrasing. The main thing is to set yourself up for a positive and positive successful result, to study websites and all the information on the chosen niche, and then you will definitely be interested in your niche, even if you know very little about the topic.

Tips for naming the domain

First, we need to think about the suffix of the top-level domain, looking for domains. com,. net, org - in that order. Our task is to find such a domain, in the title of which our thematic keywords would be present, for example, "" - such a domain would be ideal. "leica-digitalcamera. com "or" leicadigital-camera. com ", it is even possible to add the word -" leicadigitalcamerablog. com ”or“ leicadigitalcamerasite. com ”to keep our subject keywords in the domain name.

There are services on the Internet that help you find alternative domains by keywords, for example, http: // www.

Another helper in registering a domain and setting up your own hosting - Hostgator

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