Day 5 - Content Creation - Profit Hunter

Day 5 - Content Creation - Profit Hunter The fifth day of the 2008 Marathon is entirely devoted to creating content.

To accomplish this task, we will use the same program that we used both to search for keywords and to test competition in Google’s issue of the selected keyword, i.e. Market Samurai ( I remind you that in the framework of the Marathon you can get free access to the program for 40 days, but for this you first need to register on the website ThirtyDayChallenge. com).

So, open the previously saved project and select the Find Content section.

Day 5 - Content Creation - Profit Hunter

Select resources where you will search for content by your keyword (use Go Articles only in extreme cases - the service is sensitive to frequent queries) and press the Find Content button.

Day 5 - Content Creation - Profit Hunter

After the program has processed the information, you can view each of the articles and blog entries and select those that you will use in the future when writing articles to the blog. .

Naturally, you need not all articles, but only the most useful ones. In order not to be mistaken with the choice, use the Analyze Article function.

Day 5 - Content Creation - Profit Hunter


  • PC is the number of references to the key phrase in the article;
  • IC is the number of identical pages in Google's database ( This indicator should not be taken into account when analyzing posts from blogs, because during the analysis the program pulls out separate phrases from the page and searches their twins on the network. article catalog, there are many template phrases on the blog pages that are repeated on different blogs regardless of their subject matter;
  • PR - PageRank of the article;
  • BL - the number of backlinks to the article.

The higher the indicators (with the exception of the PC), the more authoritative the article, as a rule.

If there is no or not enough content for the phrase you selected, search for articles and entries for a more general phrase.

Regarding how to make your own article out of someone else's article, Ed advises to write a post comment or post review on the motives of this article (or several articles). (For an example, see the site MacRumours. Com. The news feed there is built precisely according to this principle.)

All you need is to select 2-3 facts from article 3, to beat them in a post on your blog (without forgetting at the same time, write your attitude to these facts) and put a link like “Continuation of the article read here ...”

The article does not have to be large. Here’s an example from Ed:

Day 5 - Content Creation - Profit Hunter

Naturally, you should not limit yourself to a Samurai (especially since his ability to search for content is very limited so far - mine is IMHO.) In more detail about where army of content, read the materials of the previous Marathon and / or see one of the lessons from my Spring Marathon.

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