Day 4. Having money in a niche - Profit Hunter

Today we will work on the question of the correctness of the choice of micronishi, that is, whether they spend money in it?

There are several incredibly successful charitable foundations, organizations and churches that used the 30 day marathon, and their main the goal was not money, but awareness. It's cool if you like that too.

But we have a goal to put a couple of dollars in your pocket. From this point of view, we want to make sure that you occupy your place in the market, where lively competition and people are willing to make money, which must be a bit unusual and unnatural for some of you. This is an important step, and here we will help you save time, and choose niches in which people spend money to avoid the mistakes described in the last marathon, when, before studying the product market, they create and write books for half a year. We will save you so much time that the next time the research process will be much faster and easier.

Monetization Module

Today we are introducing the new Monetization Module in the Market Samurai program.
With this tool for searching and promoting products [products that sell you get commissions or referrals from sales], we will test the commercial value of your micronishi, and see if people are willing to spend their money in it.
Consider the three main components of the Monetization Module:

  • “The Seeker of Opportunity.” (Finds products for promotion and helps determine which product will bring the greatest profit)
  • “Advertising Creator ". (Assistant in writing advertising and product promotion)
  • "Advertising Publisher". (Publishes online advertising)

Focus on the Possibility Finder. In the Monetization Module, open the Possibility Finder and click on Find Products [Find Products].

Day 4. Having money in a niche - Profit Hunter

Attention: you must first open the created project, and then you will be able to see the Module Table on the left.
The search is performed on 4 resources:
- Amazon. Com
- ClickBank
- Commisions Junction
- PayDotCom
To search by one of them, manually select the desired resource.

Day 4. Having money in a niche - Profit Hunter

Product Analysis.

First of all, we study availability - do these goods exist? If this product is not in the market to which micronish belongs, then this is a sign that the niche is not commercially valuable.
Next We look at the price of products, which will give us a real picture of how much people are willing to spend in a given niche.
The amount of commissions that will be paid for products in our micronish is also important for finding profitable goods for promotion.
Many products have a popularity rating that can be used to find the most purchased and popular products.
And finally, we are looking at whether there is a recurring product model, we are talking about products that are sold by subscription, where fees are paid, which will let us know whether the subscription model will work in this micronish.

To analyze the products, you can use the "filtering" of unnecessary criteria, or vice versa create a category of selected products, and repeat the process in a narrow group of products.

Day 4. Having money in a niche - Profit Hunter

Advertising Creator

To go to the advertising creator, click on Start New Campaign (“start a new campaign” in the Selected Products section). The principle of work of the creator of advertising is to extrude pieces of phrases with a description of the product from the Internet, from which you can write your own ads. At the same time, the program itself formats images and creates HTML code.

AdWords (advertising creator)
Publish advertising in seconds, saving you time.

Product search

Do not waste time searching for virgin niches, it is much better to select a popular niche whose goods are bought by people. Thanks to the Samurai Market program and the new Monetization Module, you can quickly determine whether a product is in the niche that you are studying. Let's see how it works?

Click Find Products in the Monetization Module.

Day 4. Having money in a niche - Profit Hunter

By default, Market Samurai translates a word from your query into a keyword, you can change it if you like. Search goes on 4 resources.

Day 4. Having money in a niche - Profit Hunter

For example, examine the Amazon resource. com Location and section can be selected, but we will leave the default, start the search according to the key phrase “How to
play saxophone”.

Day 4. Having money in a niche - Profit Hunter

Market Samurai for the key phrase found 7 products in different sections: DVD, music, KNIKI. Any convenient sorting is possible: by price, rating. For amazon. Com, the worse the rating, the better, therefore, sorting by rating, we quickly find the bestsellers of our niche. Thus, we check The key phrase of the search and the rest of the resources, we find the products we are interested in and add to favorites.

Adwords Advertisers

Google Adwords - where people pay for advertising on Google. If people pay for advertising, this is another good sign that a niche is commercially attractive.

You already have a “good” keyword, with good traffic and competition .

What is the competition of advertising words? How many advertisers compete on a keyword in our market?
Ideally, we generally need to see if there are competitive advertisers. Secondly, we would like to see who advertises for target products.
It is advisable to see advertisers advertising products suitable for our market. This will give us confidence in the activity of the market and the people participating in it.
Thirdly, it’s not critical, It would be great to know if there are other related products in this market where we could compete.

Why do we need competition?

"Easier to participate in some kind of market, rather than trying to create a new one. ” (Guru Bob)
Lack of competition is the absence of a market, or someone tried, but failed. Also, the lack of competition may mean that they have opened a completely new market, but the Internet is now such a large network, and Google has a huge number of advertisers. Therefore, to find a keyword, a completely new market is almost impossible.

Definition of advertising competition in Market Samurai

Day 4. Having money in a niche - Profit Hunter

As you can see, the keyword phrase “Solar Power” is selected, several alternative keywords were received, standard filters were applied and several criteria were found with good criteria.

Below we see that there are 505 competitive websites on Google Adwords on Solar Power, and only 19 on the phrase “Solar Power Electricity” , the rest is even smaller. Let's look at the phrase “Used Solar Panels”, it looks like a good search phrase, 14 competitive advertisers, which is a good sign. Let us consider in more detail what they actually advertise.

Day 4. Having money in a niche - Profit Hunter

So, if you click on “14” in the AWA column, we return to the browser and a list of sponsored links [Google Ads], common sites such as eBay, Yahoo Shopping and Dealtime. Especially I noted the second page, where there are several good links that are engaged in direct sales.

Day 4. Having money in a niche - Profit Hunter

If we look at these links, we will get to know other players in this market, and it will give We are confident that our market is potentially active, and it is better for us to participate in such a market than to create a new one.

Registration of programs

If you and If you use Market Samurai to create your own content and publish the process, the program will do the rest of the work so that you get a unique link to certain content, but it’s also important that your link is present in that content, otherwise you won’t be paid. networks.

Clickbank registration
Clickbank is a huge content for electronic products that are sold, it is likely that you will find here your niche.

Day 4. Having money in a niche - Profit Hunter

We register, fill out the details of the questionnaire, read and agree with the Terms and Conditions and confirm the registration by the link that was sent to your e-mail.

Registration at Commission Junction

Commission Junction or CJ is a huge content with a wide range of products, and also has physical products. Here we register as “Publisher”

Day 4. Having money in a niche - Profit Hunter

We confirm below and we finally register with CJ.

Day 4. Having money in a niche - Profit Hunter

Register on Amazon .com
Amazon is a huge content with a wide range of physical products. The disadvantage of this site is that the fees are very small.
At the bottom of the page click on “Join Associates” and continue registration.

Day 4. Having money in a niche - Profit Hunter

Choose “Join now for Free” and end registration on Amazon.

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