Day 30 - Completion of the Marathon - Profit Hunter

The Autumn (now Winter () Marathon has come to an end. It is a pity, I did not have time to translate the material of this day in 2007, well, yes, I think its benefits from this will not decrease.

In essence, the Autumn Marathon, as presented by Ed, Dan and Rob, is nothing more than the initial stage of creating and promoting a niche network. About one of these niche networks and tells this lesson.

Day 30 - Completion of the Marathon - Profit Hunter

This is what Ed Dale's niche network is about, dedicated to growing and selling tomatoes and other types of vegetables. You can also download this drawing in an enlarged format.

Ed described the steps involved in creating such a network in a separate article, which you can read both in the original and in translation.

If you worked diligently on the lessons of the Autumn Marathon, you should already have a small niche network, and it should look something like this:

Day 30 - Completion of the Marathon - Profit Hunter

The only thing you may not have enough yet - this is your own website (green box). However, your site should appear no sooner than you see real profits from free content platforms (the blue rectangles in the first picture).

Next steps

Now you have to spend some money. Like what - you read (or have already read) in Ed's article. These costs are vital to the success and prosperity of your niche network. Here's what you need to pay attention to (and send funds) in the next 30 days:

The subscription list

The subscription list is the key to the success of any Internet business. This will tell you every entrepreneur who has achieved something in the sale of information (and not only) products in the worldwide network. You will have to spend about $ 20 per month for the automatic email service.


Day 30 - Completion of the Marathon - Profit Hunter

Surely you are familiar with such a concept as PPC or pay-per-click in Russian. For sure you also heard the concept of “contextual advertising” . This is also from this opera.

Among the English-speaking PPC systems, you can highlight Google Adwords, Yahoo! Search Marketing, MSN AdCenter and others.

The essence of PPC is that you pay for the transitions to your site for the ads that you place in the PPC system. Ads can be displayed on search engine pages (Google, Yahoo, MSN) or on content sites as ad units. In both cases, the position and duration of your ad depends on the size of the budget and on how much you are willing to pay for one link to your link.

Before you start a PPC campaign, you must calculate future costs and profits. If, even with the lowest conversion rates, you will stay in the pros, then you should try it.

So, Marathon has come to an end. If you do not understand something or you can not understand a separate question regarding the Marathon, please contact me, I will answer. The materials that Ed Dale has kindly provided during these 30 days are enough to create your first niche network. Most likely, you will have to do it manually (if you do not want or cannot pay for registration in catalogs, writing content, etc.). But as soon as you can afford to automate the process and shift some of the tasks onto others' shoulders, you can create several such networks per month. Then you will understand what real earnings are on the Internet.


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