Day 3 - Useful statistics - Profit Hunter

So, today is day 3. We download original audio and video, listen and watch here.

How can I select 7 niches?

If you are still torn between your ideas and do not know which ones to leave for your future business on the Internet, and which are still put aside, my advice to you: do an experiment with a pen and a piece of paper, which I wrote about yesterday. Well, or hang the same sheet on the wall, take a dart (if there is one) and, as they say, where God will send.

There are no criteria for selection. No, that's all. Simply select any 7 pieces and order. If market research shows that they are no good, take another 7. (From history: many winners of past Marathons did just that, so you have nothing to worry about.)

So, the topic of the day - market research

I present to you the first free, but very useful tool of the Autumn Marathon. This is Wordtracker free keyword suggestion tool.

Day 3 - Useful statistics - Profit Hunter

As I have repeatedly reiterated, we will focus on the English-speaking sector of the Internet. Of course, this does not prevent you from simultaneously creating projects in RuNet. So for Runet you can use Wordstat from Yandex.

Day 3 - Useful statistics - Profit Hunter

But back to our sheep. Wordtracker is a great alternative to Overture. It shows what and how often people search on the Internet.

For example, I (Ed) will use the phrase “speed reading”, i.e. fast reading. You will see how, using this free tool, we will be able to find out how many people a day use this phrase in the search box in their browsers.

This is the first stage of testing. We still have quite a few such stages. But there is a time for everything.

There are no void niches


You don’t have to pay for traffic, so don’t worry about how many pieces of green this or that niche bring to you. Just follow my (Ed) instructions.

Our Spruce

Ours, that is, your goal is to conquer a niche. And this is the essence of the whole Autumn Marathon. Everything else has no meaning for you.

Today, the Internet is becoming a community of communities. This is Web 2. 0. This is a new milestone in the history of the development of the world wide web.

Naturally, these changes affect how we build our information business. All the tools we need today or not cost nothing, or cost a penny. Of course, their quality is not a super-duper, but we don’t need much more. All you need to know is a couple of little tricks and tricks that I (Ed) will share with you after a while.


Open the free version of Wordtracker in your browser and alternately fill all your 7 niches into it. I (Ed) will use the phrase “speed reading”.

Day 3 - Useful statistics - Profit Hunter

Here are the results we have.

Day 3 - Useful statistics - Profit Hunter

Some general information

In the free version you can see only the first 100 queries.

The table with the data is divided into two columns: the number of queries and keywords. The first column shows the estimated number of queries for this keyword or phrase per day.

A keyword (phrase) is one or more words, separated by a space.

After playing a little with this tool, you will start understand what lies behind these numbers. Here, for example p, 380 people (from different countries of the world) were looking for “speed reading” today, and 37 people were looking for “speed reading programs”.

Wordtraсker calculates the estimated number of queries from a huge database of 350 million queries that were made in different search engines for the last 90 days.

You may encounter some data distortion, for example, if there was a rock band called "Speed ​​Reading" the number of requests would be completely different.

Here ... And at the bottom of the screen you can see the total number of queries related to your keyword.

Day 3 - Useful statistics - Profit Hunter

Now select the table

Day 3 - Useful statistics - Profit Hunter

and copy it into your favorite text editor (for example, Notepad).

Day 3 - Useful statistics - Profit Hunter

Then save this file as “Speed ​​Reading”. (For convenience, the file name should correspond to a niche.)

Do this for all your ideas / niches

Surely, you have already noticed that some niches attract more visitors than others. A lot is good, of course, but in the context of the Autumn Marathon less requests can be better than more. (I will tell you more about this the other day.)

Now you just have to watch what appears on your monitors. Try to compare the results by niches. See how they differ.

  1. Look at the number of requests.
  2. Watch how the number of requests decreases sharply. 871, 380, 67, 52 - quite a sharp decline, but it can be even steeper.

Competition Analysis

The time has come to introduce another tool: the toolbar, which was created specifically for the Autumn Marathon (the original version).You can download it here.

It is useful for us because it allows us to get query results not for Ukraine or Russia (or any other country), but for the United States or the United Kingdom. Why is this so important? Because our target audience lives in these countries.

Download and install the toolbar and restart Firefox. Now type in the search box the phrase "speed reading” and, accordingly, press the Enter key.

Day 3 - Useful statistics - Profit Hunter

You will get the following results:

Day 3 - Useful statistics - Profit Hunter

As you probably understand, this is Google contextual advertising. Its presence is a good sign.

Now we need to find out if there are real people here who sell real goods to real buyers Yes, they are. They immediately catch your eye. This is www. ReadFaster. Com (how to double the speed of reading) and www. AceReader. Com (program for teaching speed reading).

But let's get everything in order. 2>

Let's start with the first ad.

Day 3 - Useful statistics - Profit Hunter

If We click on the link, you will see a nice website with a bunch of reviews, where each of your next clicks will bring a certain profit to its owner.

Day 3 - Useful statistics - Profit Hunter

There are no real goods or services. This is clearly not the same the site that we need. So we go on.

The next ad sends us to the twin site of the previous one. Same a la AdSense site, only in a different coloring.

This is very, very good. These guys will not spend money on advertising for nothing. If they are here, it means that in this niche some money is still found. Of course, if all advertising links lead to sites with reviews and regular ad units, there’s nothing good about it.

What is a real site?

Pay attention to this advertisement.

Day 3 - Useful statistics - Profit Hunter

By clicking on the link, you will see a classic minisite.

Day 3 - Useful statistics - Profit Hunter

Class! That's what we need. You can even sign up for a free mini course.

Day 3 - Useful statistics - Profit Hunter

If you are going to work in this niche, you simply must sign up for a mini course. You should know what this market is breathing for, right?

Competition is great!

Do not be afraid of what You will have competitors. Moreover, enjoy it. The presence of competitors suggests that in this niche there are real buyers who spend real money.

Yes, and think for yourself. Is there only one real estate agency in your city, just one car dealership or just one dental clinic? No, no and NO. A lot of them. And hardly any of them complains about the lack of clients.

Remember, having competitors is great. All you have to do is bypass them. And we (Ed and Dan) will help you with this.

Now check all seven niches for the presence of sponsored links. Look for competitors. And do not forget: competitors are good, and their absence is bad .

And do not rush to make hasty conclusions about your ideas. They may be erroneous.

See you tomorrow!

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