Day 29 - Part 2 - Yahoo! Answers - Profit Hunter

The Rob Somerville video in English can be viewed here.

Yahoo! Answers

"Help someone else and get targeted traffic and a reciprocal link” - this would be the motto of Yahoo! Answers if the service were promoted among webmasters.

Day 29 - Part 2 - Yahoo! Answers - Profit Hunter

Because Yahoo! Answers is an appendage of Yahoo !, it enjoys prestige among the search engines and therefore ranks high enough for low-competitive queries. In addition, a huge amount of traffic passes through Yahoo! Answers every day. with a backward link in a popular topic and a certain part of it is provided to you. Moreover, it’s not just This is target traffic , which is easier to monetize than search traffic.

If you do not have a Yahoo! account, sign up (you can use the same account for Flickr and other Yahoo! ) and log in.

First of all, you need to find a question that matches your key phrase. Take our hackneyed “speed reading” and drive it into the search field.

Day 29 - Part 2 - Yahoo! Answers - Profit Hunter

Now, to narrow the search, click the "Advanced”

Day 29 - Part 2 - Yahoo! Answers - Profit Hunter

button and select the “Open Questions” option. These are the questions where the author has not yet had time to choose the best answer.

Day 29 - Part 2 - Yahoo! Answers - Profit Hunter

Now press the “Search” button and see the results.

Day 29 - Part 2 - Yahoo! Answers - Profit Hunter

Here is one of the questions:

Day 29 - Part 2 - Yahoo! Answers - Profit Hunter

If you have something to answer, answer.

Day 29 - Part 2 - Yahoo! Answers - Profit Hunter

In the text, mention the key phrase once or twice. This will help the answer rise in the issue Search engines.

Day 29 - Part 2 - Yahoo! Answers - Profit Hunter

Here you can insert a link to your blog or to a partner’s selling site (not always).

You can also insert a link directly into response text using .a href ./a. tags, but according to Rob, Yahoo! does not always skip such answers. But to the links in the “Know Your Source” section is ok.

Of course, you cannot know for sure whether your answer will be recognized as the best, but if your message helps a person solve a problem, your chances will greatly increase. You can also go through the questions where the best answer has already been selected, and write your answer with a link. This will also have a certain effect.

How much time does Yahoo! Answers are up to you. For a start, you can limit yourself to 1-2 hours every 2-3 days. Then look at the results.

Final Comments

  1. Your goal is to get as many good and different backlinks as possible. The greater the reference weight of the site, the higher its position in the search engines.
  2. Don't grab everything at once. Otherwise you will fail. Take a certain number of hours per day to link building and stick to your schedule. For example, 3 bookmarks, 2 comments in blogs, 1 answer in Yahoo! Answers, 10 directories and one article.
  3. Increase reference weight gradually. From time to time, check your positions in search engines and watch Yahoo! indexes backlinks.
  4. Highlight the strategies that work best for your particular site and stick to them. You will not be able to build a niche empire in three days. It takes time. Expand and deepen your presence in the market and over time your blogs will be in the top.
  5. You do not need traffic by itself. Your goal is to make money. Track conversion rates and take some time to test strategies that will allow you to increase revenue.

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