Day 29. Moving forward after the 30-day marathon - Profit Hunter

Hello! Day 29! Isn't that great? The goal of today's training lesson is to set priorities, engage in self-education, understand the system of leverage in using everything that you have learned in the last 28 days.

Now I want to take you back and talk about the wonderful symphony of four components. To move forward, you need to look at 4 components of your business (4 total). You need to prioritize and focus on them.

Market Research

We talked about the importance of market research, and our training was not very detailed and did not describe all the details of the study. We just made it clear the importance of this first part of the business. While doing market research in time, it is possible to avoid 95% of errors .


We showed two ways to get traffic - 1) pay per click and 2) use of search engine optimization. We reviewed various types of traffic. We hope that you have mastered the market research, and therefore your business needs help in only three points:

  • help getting traffic
  • help turning traffic into sales
  • assistance in creating the product

Most of the time is testing products, because we don’t want to waste efforts and energy on developing our own product. But let me convince you that what we are doing is really doomed to success. Of course, in the past, everyone created their product, promoted it, sold it and then discovered that there was never a market for this product. We are going to do it right. Without making mistakes, many people successfully sell the products of others. But the person who constantly earns money is the person who created his product. This is where we need to go - we need to study the market and look for where we can create something new. That is why we spend almost all the time studying the understanding of the market.

Do we have traffic problems?

If you do not have 200 visits per day, then this is a problem, and it is up to its solution that you must use your energy, find ways to increase traffic.


Now, of course, you get all the traffic in the world, but don't get it on the e-mail list, or you don't buy what you have to offer. Then there is a problem with the conversion. A slight improvement in conversion leads to a huge improvement in your business.

Creating a product

There are many ways to create a product. If you follow the 30-day marathon, then see how we create the product. Creating a product consists of a series of activities that we do every day. Use different formats - PDF, podcasts, audio, scripts.

Building a list

You have to understand that despite everything that you study with us or with someone else, you need to create an e-mail list, because nothing works like that as sending letters.

Understanding the market and market leadership

I want to think about this concept, because too often I focus your attention on the technique of building traffic, conversion to the detriment of real understanding of what is happening with the market - even becoming an active market participant. And leadership is the active placement of content in your market. Looking ahead, I want to give you advice for 2010 in the framework of the 30-day marathon - understand and participate in your market. Do it in a form convenient for you. This will lead to success.

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