Day 28. Sellers make mistakes too - Profit Hunter

Day 28. Sellers make mistakes too - Profit Hunter

9 errors out of 10 are not technical. Technical errors, for example, in spelling or forgot to insert the URL, etc., are easily corrected and make up only 5% of all errors.

Understanding the market

Not everyone correctly understands the market. And this misunderstanding is the real problem. The 15th day training provides information about market understanding. Many people do not fully understand what the market is and do business on some kind of autopilot, without noticing what is happening around. A simple physical test: two people in one market, one product, one service, the same amount of money - almost all the same, but one is an active market participant, his name is known, and the other is completely unknown and anonymous, and physically - who will receive more orders ? Of course, the one who is famous. And this we must understand in the 2009 marathon. It amazes me that no one goes to the Trade Show (Exhibition) of a particular niche, having found its market and does not begin sales. If you look at Internet merchants who earn well online, they all go to the real world, participate in the Trade Show (Exhibition), meet people, give interviews. Trade show is the best place to create content: you can record interviews, talk to people and more.

Explore yourself

95% of mistakes in Internet Marketing - due to insufficient research and following all the steps we taught you. People think that they may miss something, that they themselves do it better or that they can redo it, or that they have a black belt in all skills. But ... They are very mistaken in this.

Day 28 (backlinks) is very important

The next error is ignoring the training for 28 days. I repeat once again, the material of 28 days is very important.

Broaden your horizons

Narrow horizons - this is the next error. For example, at the very beginning of installing Traffic Bug - people get comfortable and wait for a rating, doing nothing. It is not right! We must move, work, develop the market further.

Be patient

Abstracted a little from the process, Google will decide when to take your site in the ranking and this will definitely not happen under your control. Be able to wait, do not panic when you have 40 clicks per day and no sales. Do not change anything, but rather study and understand the market.

Do not accept failure on a personal account

After testing many people in our 30-day marathon, we noted that many accept failures on their own account. It is impossible! We must get up and go on, start over , follow our instructions and everything will work out, for sure!

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