Day 28 - Part 1 - Backlink Analysis - Profit Hunter

Analysis of backlinks in English is described here.

Seo for Firefox Plugin

If this plugin is now turned off, turn it on. (If you have not yet installed the necessary plugins for Firefox, it's time to do it.)

Day 28 - Part 1 - Backlink Analysis - Profit Hunter

We will analyze the backlinks using the example of the main key phrase of the Marathon - “free speed reading”. A Google search gives the following result:

Day 28 - Part 1 - Backlink Analysis - Profit Hunter

The SEO for FireFox plugin allows you to find out a lot of useful information about websites. At the moment, we are most interested in the number of backlinks to the first pages. the top ten Google (Y! Page links). For the analysis let's take the site number 2 (there are more backlinks to it).

Day 28 - Part 1 - Backlink Analysis - Profit Hunter

As you can see, there are 96 links to this page. PR pages- 4. Although the significance of this indicator is controversial, knowing the competitor's PageRank does not hurt.

By default, all page characteristics are marked with a question mark (?). To learn a particular parameter, simply click on the sign. If you need to know details, click on the name of the characteristic (Age, Y! Links, etc.)

Note: If after clicking on the question mark you will not see any result (wait 5-10 seconds) , click on the “Search” button again. I do not know what this bug is connected with, but if you click anywhere on the page before using SEO for Firefox, the plugin will not work and will work only after a second search. At least with me.

If you want certain parameters to open by default, follow these steps.

Go to Tools and select “SEO for Firefox”:

Day 28 - Part 1 - Backlink Analysis - Profit Hunter

Day 28 - Part 1 - Backlink Analysis - Profit Hunter

Now select the parameters that should be opened by default. The main ones are PR , Age and Y! Page Links .

Day 28 - Part 1 - Backlink Analysis - Profit Hunter

Values ​​do not open immediately , so you have to wait a bit.

Quality of links

There are 96 links to Unfortunately, at a glance you can tell how relevant these links are and whether they contain an appropriate anchor. , impossible.

View which links lead to the page of interest by clicking on the link Y! Page Link s .

Day 28 - Part 1 - Backlink Analysis - Profit Hunter

So we can determine the weight of the link and in some cases the relevance of the page from which it comes (according to the page description).

Now we need to find pages where we can post a back link to your website for free. This way of searching back links is quite effective, but time consuming. Again, at the moment you should do it manually, so that in the future using special software, you knew "where the legs grow from."

First of all, pay attention to pages with Web 2. 0 attributes, that is, pages that allow the user to post their content and leave a link. This page can be a blog post. Here is one of them:

Day 28 - Part 1 - Backlink Analysis - Profit Hunter

This is a blog page and there are already two comments here. One of them leads to the page that interests us.

Day 28 - Part 1 - Backlink Analysis - Profit Hunter

Nothing prevents you from adding a comment and getting a reciprocal link to your blog. As you can see, the link contains the attribute “Nofollow”. This significantly reduces the weight of the link in the eyes of search engines, but Yahoo! still indexes it, so there’s some sense from it.

attention to the relevance of the content. If something similar to your site, put, and if "in the garden elder, and in Kyiv dyadko", look further. When you fill out the form for comments, do not forget about your key phrase. You must enter it in the name field.

Your goal

With the help of the SEO for FireFox plugin, you can find out how powerful your page needs to be to get into the top ten Google for your phrase. If you look at the first page of the issue for the phrase “free speed reading” (use the TDC Umbrella Phrase Research toolbar), you will see that the number of incoming links and PR sites are different.

However, in general, these figures are not so and high. The only thing that suggests, is the age of the domains. Since this indicator also has weight, you will have to take it into account. However, often the presence of the old domain in the issuance only means that you have to spend more time on overtaking it than overtaking the young.

Because your content is perfectly sharpened phrase, you have some advantage over pages that are optimized for more general phrases or are not optimized at all. In other words, you will need less link weight to circumvent them.If you can’t manage to outrun competitors with a swoop, take them into oblivion. they will not resist. Perhaps they will not even pay attention.🙂

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