Day 27 - The Importance of Backlinks - Profit Hunter

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This lesson is about the basics of off-page, i.e., external, optimizing your pages and blogs. By and large, this material is intended for beginners optimization and online marketing, but it will be useful for everyone to read it.

Link Building Strategies

By now (assuming you did everything in strict accordance with Ed's instructions) you should already have one or more blogs in or near Google's top ten . And on these blogs visitors should already come from Google.

To reach the magic number of 200 referrals to a selling site, you need a lot of such visitors. But where to get them, if according to approximate calculations the site, which occupies the first position in the issue, receives 120 visitors per day, and your blog is still outside the top five?

The answer is in the question itself. Raise the blog in the issue, and visitors will come to you.

Since the blog content is already optimized, the only thing that can increase its “weight” is external links . There are several strategies for getting backlinks, but Ed and the company have selected those that seem most appropriate to them.


  1. The strategies presented in the lesson are representative, but not exclusive.
  2. The color gamut of strategies is wide and diverse - from crystal white to blue black. What color to choose, you decide. But you must understand that the darker the shade, the stricter will be the measures of search engines in relation to your blogs.
  3. If you don’t like the strategies listed below, don’t follow them.
  4. Many webmasters use special programs to get links, buy links, or hire a specialist who works on off-page optimization of their sites.
  5. The lesson material reflects the opinion and experience of Rob Somerville. You can disagree with him.

Manual link building method

Few people use this website promotion method, however this is the only free method. Outsourcing and special software cost money.

Of course, there are free applications, but more about them later. In any case, it will be useful for you to do this work (at least in order not to ask questions about the principle of paid programs) in the future.

Authority = links

Search engines rank pages and sites depending on how much authoritative (for a given keyword) they consider them. Google determines the authority (or weight) of a page depending on the quality and number of links that lead to it.

Day 27 - The Importance of Backlinks - Profit Hunter

If your site boasts a large number of high-quality, static, one-way back links, Google will consider it sufficiently authoritative for a given keyword and will definitely raise it in return. How much will depend on the credibility of competing sites.

Page weight also depends on the age of the domain and on-page (internal) optimization . But, as a rule, the first place in the issue is occupied by those sites that have the largest number of backlinks. Consider this when developing a competitor avoidance strategy. And remember that the lion's share of traffic goes to sites that occupy the 1-2nd place in the top.

Day 27 - The Importance of Backlinks - Profit Hunter

And if this is also a double issue, then it is generally a fairy tale 🙂

Methods for obtaining links

The quality of links is no less important than their number. One-way static links are more powerful than counter links (when you exchange links with other sites). Links from piarist sites are better than those with PageRank small. If the site that links to you is about a topic similar to yours, even better.

The most valuable links are those that anchor your key phrase:. a href = ”http: // YourDomain. com ". Key Phrase . / a. . Pay attention to this when linking pages and blogs of your niche network.

But links from domains are even more valuable. edu and. gov! Naturally, it is also possible to get them, but it will be much more difficult to do this than from the ordinary one. com site.

White link building strategies

There are several such strategies. The first and most obvious is the analysis of external links of competitors. This will help you Yahoo! Site Explorer.

Here is the search result for the phrase how to write a story :

Day 27 - The Importance of Backlinks - Profit Hunter

Get the page address from the 1st position (blackdog4kids. Com / holiday / summer / do / read / howto. html) and copy it to Yahoo Site Explorer. (It is even better to use the SEO for Firefox add-on.)

Day 27 - The Importance of Backlinks - Profit Hunter

And now look at the external links of the blog www. howtowriteastory. wordpress. com (this is the blog of Mike Mindela, one of the founders of Wordtracker - he also participated in the Marathon).

Day 27 - The Importance of Backlinks - Profit Hunter

Looking through the list, you will definitely find sites from which you can easily get a reciprocal link. Agree, this is already something.

Here is one of these sites:

Day 27 - The Importance of Backlinks - Profit Hunter

Day 27 - The Importance of Backlinks - Profit Hunter

This question is already closed for answers. However, in Yahoo! Answers is no shortage of such questions. You just need to find a suitable section and give good advice to someone who needs it. And then your answer will surely be chosen the best, and you will get a static reciprocal link.

Unique content

Creating unique content that other bloggers and webmasters will readily refer to is probably the best link building strategy of all that exists at the moment. Moreover, this strategy allows you to get not only quality links, but also traffic.

In general, your sources of links can be your other sites and blogs, social sites, other people's blogs and sites, and forums.

A little about tags

Do not forget to use the features that Web 2. 0 gives you, namely RSS feeds and tags . The latter are especially good in that they not only give a certain amount of traffic from popular social sites, but also allow you to get good backlinks (for example, the PR tag of “Finance” in the “Money” channel on is 6 points).

Content may not only be text

When creating original content, consider whether it is possible to convey the idea by other methods: for example, through an audio podcast or video presentation. The number of visitors to such media portals as YouTube, MySpace, Scribd (similar to YouTube for documents) is huge, and this gives every right to assume that some part of it will pay attention to you.

View someone else's content

Most likely, you are not the only one who creates quality content in your niche. Mark sites of similar subjects and comment on the posts of other bloggers. This behavior is welcome. The main thing is to write in essence.

You can comment on entries in blogs, forums, guest books and on various Web 2. 0 sites, for example, Squidoo and Hubpages. Very often, comment pages have a certain PageRank, which you only need.


Ideally, you should have more one-way and fewer counter-references, although the latter do not interfere at all.

Day 27 - The Importance of Backlinks - Profit Hunter

The counter link can be obtained in exchange for the same link to the webmaster's website, which is ready to host a direct link to your website. Google does not attach much importance to counter links, however for Yahoo! and MSN they still matter.

If you are going to apply this strategy, make sure that the anchor of the reciprocal link matches your key phrase.

Articles and press releases

You already know in part what is useful for placing articles in article directories in order to promote partner products. However, this is not their only benefit. If over time you create your own website, articles will help you to increase its credibility in the eyes of search engines.

If you write a good article, someone will definitely want to post it on their website. And along with the article, he will post a link back to your resource. In the long run, this strategy gives good results.

The same goes for press releases.

Site directories and search engines

At this point, Rob strongly advises placing your website / blog in various directories (standard directories, RSS directories and blog directories) and search engines.

Online you will find thousands of directories where you can place your website. Over time, you will accumulate a sufficient number of external links to Google raised you in the issue. However, do not expect directories to give you any substantial traffic. They are created solely for posting links.

Other strategies

Here are some of them:

  1. Craigslist and other free bulletin boards. Through such sites passes a large number of visitors, which justifies this method, even taking into account the fragility of the ad.
  2. Yahoo! Answers. Here you can ask and answer questions. PR site is quite high, which allows us to hope for the weight of the back link.
  3. Google Groups.
  4. Yahoo Groups.

Some groups allow you to post backlinks. Take advantage of this opportunity.

What you need to avoid

Link farms

There is a lot of links - there’s little point. Link farm is a network of sites, the content of which consists solely of links. Content on such sites is completely missing, so the weight of the back link from such a resource tends to zero. Try to avoid such free cheese.

Irrelevant sites

Whenever possible, place links only on relevant resources and in the relevant sections of directories. If you are writing about gardening, a link from a Linux website will be of little use. Moreover, if there are many such links, Google can punish you.

Links from deep inner pages

Try not to place links on pages that are separated from the main page by several subdirectories. Search bots rarely go beyond the second or third subdirectory, so they may not index this page. And if the page is not indexed, any link from it has zero weight.

Links from unauthorized sites

Do not place links on websites that are banned by Google or sites with zero PR. There is practically no benefit from such links.

Links from porn sites and sites dedicated to gambling

For such links, search engines can easily ban you. Do you need it?

Duplicate content

When making notes on forums and blogs, try to make them unique. Do not write common phrases. You do not need links from sites in the secondary index.


The task of link building is to increase the weight of your blog and raise it in search engines. The higher the position of the site, the more visitors it will have. However, this is not all. Backlinks will also bring a certain amount of traffic. Take it as a bonus.

The natural process

When adding links, be careful. The process of increasing the reference weight should look natural. If Google or any other search engine sees that your new blog has 500 or even 200 backlinks in one day, it will probably regard it as spam and take appropriate measures. Increase your authority gradually. Create good content. In addition, the site should look authoritative not only for search bots, but also for real visitors. After all, Google won't buy your goods, will it?

If you are not averse to reading some material in English (at the moment I don’t physically have time to translate 79 pages of text), here’s a link to Free Encyclopedia of Online Advertising. About 30% of the articles in the book relate solely to the marketing niche, but 70% remain (and a very useful 70%;)).

p. with. Dimok published my translation of the article Monetizing Social Media Traffic, which highlights the main points of website promotion and monetization of traffic from social media.

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