Day 27 - Google Alerts - Profit Hunter

Rob Somerville's video is viewed here.

What is Google Alerts?

Google Alerts is a free service from Google that allows you to track the appearance of pages on the Internet with a specific keyword phrase. This tool can be used in three ways.

Search for niche content

First of all Google Alerts allows you to find information containing keywords you are interested in (including niche key phrases).

Tracking references to the name of a specific person or company

This item speaks for itself.

Content Distribution Tracking

Rob uses GA to track how the content created by him is distributed online.


Rob often uses the nickname gurubob . Besides him, this nickname is not used by anyone else (at least, it was until August of this year). Therefore, at the request of gurubob, Google produces results that are somehow related to Rob.

Day 27 - Google Alerts - Profit Hunter

Here you can find Rob’s official website and his Twitter, Propeller, Squidoo, etc. profiles. In order not to go to Google all the time, Rob has set up Google Alerts for his nickname, and now he receives an email from Google every time someone (or himself) uses this nickname on his website.

How Google Alerts Works

Follow the link http: // www. google. com / alerts /

Day 27 - Google Alerts - Profit Hunter

The page says that this is the BETA version, but the service has been operating in this mode for a long time, and it works without failures.

You need to type in the search field the keyword or phrase that you are going to track.

Day 27 - Google Alerts - Profit Hunter

Leave the second and third fields by default: “Comprehensive” and “Once a Day”. If these options do not suit you, select others. In the last field, enter your e-mail.

For example, like this:

Day 27 - Google Alerts - Profit Hunter

Click “Create Alert” - and everything is ready!

Day 27 - Google Alerts - Profit Hunter

It remains only to confirm your desire to receive reminders. To do this, click on the link in the letter that will come to your e-mail in a few seconds.

Day 27 - Google Alerts - Profit Hunter

After confirming your consent, you will see message:

Day 27 - Google Alerts - Profit Hunter

As an example, I used a mailbox on mail. ru, but for these purposes it is better to use the Gmail service (although, maybe, without a difference).

Setting filters in Gmail

(Screenshots are from Rob's video.)

Day 27 - Google Alerts - Profit Hunter

Tag your emails from Google Alerts. Naver you will use this service for several keywords, so there will be a lot of such letters.

Day 27 - Google Alerts - Profit Hunter

Content tracking with your link

When you create content (article , a comment in someone else’s blog or forum) with a backward link to the site that you need to raise in the issue, you can use a certain key phrase as an anchor, and set up Google Alerts to send you reminders for this phrase.

When you receive a reminder email, follow the link to the page where you left a comment or message and bookmark it or place the page on a social news site (Digg, News2).

Socialization of these pages will help not only the owner of the resource, but also you (both in terms of traffic and in terms of the weight of the back link).

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