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Continue the theme of backlinks. Today we will raise the issue of the concept of "Authority." Tip: working with sites on domains. edu and . gov , it is very important to write decent information in the comments, because these sites are often moderated and everything is viewed before publication.

Yesterday, we very well understood the concept of "backlinks"; The rating of the website is influenced not only by the number of links, but also by their quality. In many cases, a small number of high-quality backlinks can have a greater impact than a large number of low-quality links.

Options for getting Backlinks:

  • DMOZ Directory
  • Yahoo Directory
  • Domains. edu and. gov

DMOZ directory

DMOZ directory (http: // www. dmoz. org) is the largest portal on the web created by humans. This means that each site in the directory is viewed and approved by a real person. The purpose of this process is to exclude low-quality sites and bring the best content to the first place.
Before placing your site in the DMOZ directory, you should spend enough time and add good content to your blog to get more chances for approval. If you are satisfied with your site, you can access the directory from Market Samurai . To do this, just go to the Promotion Module, and click the DMOZ subscription button. Market Samurai will open a page describing the subscription process in a new browser window. The process of taking a site into the ranks of a directory can take several weeks, but if your site is accepted and you appear in the directory list, then a link from it to your site will greatly help in improving the ranking, because DMOZ is in good authority with Google .

Yahoo Directory

Next, consider another highly authoritative directory - Yahoo (http: // dir. Yahoo. Com). The main point regarding the Yahoo directory is that it paid . Getting into the Yahoo list will cost US $ 299 per year . It is possible that now this is not what suits you, but if your website brings regular income, you can add your website to the directory, and this will bring a great rating, as the link from Yahoo is very much appreciated.

Domains. edu and. gov

More high-quality backlink resources are domains . edu and . gov . These domains have a high level of authority, and in addition, links from these domains are valued higher than from other sites.

Search for high-quality backlinks in Market Samurai

Day 27. Create reputable backlinks - Profit Hunter

To search for backlinks in Market Samurai , you must enter the Promotion module ( Promotion ) and choose what criteria to search for sites (blogs and forums, edu / gov domains). If the search fails, you can simplify the micro-niche keyword. Leaving comments on sites with domains edu / gov, remember that everything is moderated and your comment should be relevant.

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