Day 26. Create backlinks from Market Samurai - Profit Hunter

Today everything is about backlinks. Before we begin the lesson, I note that this lesson was most lacking in last year’s 30-day marathon, because even the most “professional” and “experienced” veterans of the Internet Market did not attach importance to the development of backlinks.

About backlinks

How does the search engine decide?

When Google determines on which web pages to rank for keywords, it measures pages by a huge number of factors rankings. Then compares the score of all pages and arranges the pages in order of increasing ranking.


One of the big factors determining your rating in comparison with competitors in a search engine are back links - sites that link to your site. Therefore, the more links to the site, the higher the rating of the site. Getting back links is very, very important and necessary.

Not all links are the same

The search engine measures backlinks not only by quantity, but also by quality. Pay attention to the quality of sites that will be backlinks.

High quality backlinks

High quality backlinks should have three characteristics:

  1. should come from pages with relevant keywords
  2. should to be from high cost sites
  3. and not to use the noFollow attribute

Relevant of the keyword

It is necessary that the back links come with our relevant keyword sites. Promotion Module programs Market Samurai will help you quickly find such sites and save your time.

High Cost Sites

And here again the Samurai Market Promotion Module will help you measure the potential quality of possible backlinks.

Exclusion of the attribute "nofollow”

Nofollow attribute is a tiny code that kills the links that search engines look for when calculating the importance of your back links. If you have a link back from the site , which uses the nofollow code, even if the link is highly relevant, you will not receive a single gram for it.Do not waste time in vain, do not create back links that you will never need.

Market Promotion Module Samurai

Market Promotion Module Samurai helps to get backlinks from high-quality resources of your market, will measure high Ovnevye opportunities and help to avoid these nofollow pages.

Search blogs for commenting

Day 26. Create backlinks from Market Samurai - Profit Hunter

[Before researching promotion opportunities, open the corresponding project and select the relevant table of keywords in Market Samurai]

First, I will look for blogs that I can read and comment on. There are a huge number of options: I can choose Google blogs or WordPress blogs . Tomorrow I will search on sites . edu and . gov . Now I will not check them yet. Next, click the search for backlinks and Market Samurai proceeds to search for blogs that are associated with our key phrase. You can analyze the sites in more detail. Having found a suitable site where you can leave a comment, write something on the topic and include a link to your blog or site.

Search for WEB 2. 0 sites for commenting on

Day 26. Create backlinks from Market Samurai - Profit Hunter

In addition to searching for ordinary blogs, you can also search for Web 2. 0 sites such as Squidoo , HubPages , Weebly , Scribd , and even Yahoo Answers . The commenting principle is the same.

Search for commenting forums

Day 26. Create backlinks from Market Samurai - Profit Hunter

And the last choice is to search for forums. To be able to comment on the forums, you first need to register, then you need to find out whether it is allowed to post links there and, if allowed, this is the best way to create backlinks from the forum by filling it with your own unique content.

PingBack Strategy

Day 26. Create backlinks from Market Samurai - Profit Hunter

Introduce two different blogs with a common theme, for example, my blog is a piano for beginners, and someone's blog is about the keypad for piano. If I create a link in my blog to a blog about a keypad, WordPress will automatically send a message to that site and notify you of the link to the site. This message is called ping. First, the “panels” blog checks whether the ping was really created, then after checking and confirming, the blog adds pingback to the page to which the link is given. Pingback is usually a short description of a post from a blog with a link to my website. But not all blogs allow Pingbacks. Pingbacks are sometimes moderated by the blog owner. If you manage to find high-quality sites in your niche that also allow pingbacks, they can be a useful source for backlinks, traffic and can potentially expand your network.

Search for blogs that allow PingBack

Day 26. Create backlinks from Market Samurai - Profit Hunter

The big question is how to find quality blogs in a niche that would allow pingbacks? The good news is Market Samurai is now creating the process of finding relevant blogs and easily creating pingbacks. The pingback strategy is only relevant for blogs. For example, select Google Blog, WordPress, Follow Blog and Backlink Magic. We are looking for backlinks and analyze everything, sort by page rank (page rank), manually check whether the site is suitable.

Creating backlink links to posts on your blog

Day 26. Create backlinks from Market Samurai - Profit Hunter

After checking the website, I can decide that it is better to create a link to this website to get pingback. Market Samurai will help create a pingback, automatically create a link.

Day 26. Create backlinks from Market Samurai - Profit Hunter

If I click on my WordPressDirect account, then I’ll go to the list of my blogs, and if I click on the blog title, Market Samurai will link to the list posts And here I can choose in which post I want to add links, click on the pencil and edit the record.

Day 26. Create backlinks from Market Samurai - Profit Hunter

At the end you can add a list of articles recommended for familiarization.

Day 26. Create backlinks from Market Samurai - Profit Hunter

Then we save the changes and publish, Market Samurai will send all the changes to WordPress Direct.

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