Day 24 - What now? - Profit Hunter

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So, you already have some kind of traffic and now you need to decide what to do next: continue to work with the selected niche or leave it and switch to another. To make such a decision, of course, we need some criteria. The last and will be devoted to all of today.

Google indexed your site?

If you did everything strictly according to Ed's instructions, you should have no problems with this. The recommended way to get into the issue of Google works like a clock.

If you have not yet connected your blogs to TDC Stats Tracker and Google Analytics or Statscounter, it's time to do it. If you have not forgotten, the first tool is used to track conversions to the partner’s selling mini-site, and the second two are used to get general information about your traffic.

Dependence of traffic volume on position in output

For example, take the phrase “speed reading free”, which is already familiar to us. GTrends shows the following results:

Day 24 - What now? - Profit Hunter

10 referrals per day, and only on condition that you rank 1st place in Google issuance . If your blog is lower, there will be significantly less visitors.

Here is the approximate conversion percentage depending on the position of the site / blog in Google issue:

Day 24 - What now? - Profit Hunter

Therefore, if a site that is in the 1st place receives 100 visitors, 2nd position website - only 25, 3-4 w - 10-15. Next - worse. If your blog is outside the top ten, it may not have traffic for a given keyword at all.

Consider this traffic distribution when assessing the potential of your blogs.

Here is another version of the visitor distribution graph - now as a percentage of the total traffic for a given keyword:

Day 24 - What now? - Profit Hunter

How long do you need to go to the “200”

As you, I hope, remember, 200 transitions to the partner site will surely bring you one sale. If today your indicators are at the level of 30 transitions per day, you will receive the first commission in about a week.

You need to know these numbers in order to think what to do next. If you’re at the bottom of Google’s top ten or outside of it, you may need to work on your blog’s search engine optimization.

But if you are already squeezing out a maximum of traffic from a niche and the results leave much to be desired, you will most likely have to think about whether to continue working in this niche and whether it is time to switch your attention to other markets.

Right now you will need the records you made at the very beginning of the Marathon (I hope you remember where you put them). Take a niche and start creating new blogs. One or two (if you want, you can and more) recording on one platform will be enough. The benefit of the choice of platforms is large enough.

A couple of words about the niche resource network

Remember, Ed has already spoken about the importance of creating a network of pages / sites / blogs for a key phrase. With its help, it will be much easier to collect the mentioned 200 transitions, since each resource, whether it be a blog entry, a lens on Squidoo, a video on YouTube or a page on the Wiki, will bring you a certain amount of traffic, and in total you will get the necessary volume.

But if the traffic from one such network is not enough, you can take other keywords and make another two or three networks.

Day 24 - What now? - Profit Hunter

where FSR = Free Speed ​​Reading, SRT = Speed ​​Reading Tips, LSR = Learn Speed ​​Reading.

In any case, do not forget that the content of the site / blog should reflect what the visitor is looking for. If he drives the phrase “free speed reading” into Google, he clearly wants to find free information or tips on speed reading. If he is looking for speed reading courses, give him information on speed reading techniques and corresponding courses.

By following this rule, you will increase the number of conversions and, therefore, the number of sales.


  • If you already have 100-200 transitions per day, start the conversion.
  • If not, create a new niche network.
  • If this does not help, change the niche (do not delete the old blogs - just freeze the project for a while - time will tell).

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