Day 24. What if “No Go”? - Profit Hunter

If yesterday you decided that your site is " Go, No Go ", then we will tell you and show you what to do next.
All is not failure or loss. There are many ways to turn this work into a useful and profitable one. Or make some money and get it back from the investments in the domain.
After completing today's lesson, if your blog is " Go, No Go ", you will need to change the blog advertisements to be more dynamic and that have a high cash flow generation capability. Also, it is necessary to assess the potential value of your blog, and in the future to offer it for sale on the site Flippa .

If you have plans to sell the site, do not waste time and do it right away: attract traffic, create some new content, add the age to the site and you can get a good price. And do not forget that using the strategies of Market Samurai and WordepressDirect will help you in creating a new niche and website.

Creating a Google Adsense account

The Google AdSense program places ads that are relevant to the subject of your site, and you get paid for clicks made by users.

Understand the difference between Adwords, with which you are familiar, and Adsense. People sometimes confuse these two programs. When using Google Adwords, you are an advertiser. You create an ad, and then Google shows your ad in search results. When someone clicks on your ad and visits your site, you pay Google a small amount for the visitor. And as a result, you get traffic to your website. When you use the Google Adsense program, instead of becoming an advertiser, you become the owner of the website. Google shows other people's ads on the site, and when they visit your site and click on these ads, Google pays you a percentage of the money it receives from advertisers. In this case, you generate traffic for others.

Day 24. What if “No Go”? - Profit Hunter

To install, go to the website: http: // www. google. com / adsense
At the top of the page you will see the Sign Up now button, click now and you will see a form that you need to fill out and add the URL of your web page. Choose your language, agree with the requirements of Google.
Day 24. What if “No Go”? - Profit Hunter

Next, select the account type: Individual or Business, country and fill in personal data.

Day 24. What if “No Go”? - Profit Hunter

First, we agree not to click on our own advertisements. Next, you need to read the Adsense policy and confirm that you read it. Finally, you need to confirm that you do not have a Google Adsense account.

After all the consents and confirmations, we check all the data, register a new Google Adsense account and within two days receive a confirmation email.

Now we’ll consider how to replace your proposal for a partner product with an ad with a low profitability ratio ( Low-Margin Ads ) from Google Adsense and Amazon. com .

Adding Amazon dynamic ads to your blog

Day 24. What if “No Go”? - Profit Hunter

In Market Samurai select the monetization module. A new window ( Generate Dynamic Content ) in the upper right corner will allow you to generate dynamic content. And judging by the hint, this option allows you to create a targeted ad based on keywords or content on your website.

First you need to enter the Title of the campaign (for example, Piano). Next, select the type of Campaign. Currently we have:

  • Clickbank HopAds (allows you to display a collection of ClickBank links)
  • Google Adsense (allows you to earn on every click)
  • eBay Editor (displays lists auctions on your site)
  • Amazon Omakase (Japanese term that means “comes to you”)

Amazon Omakase provides access to a wide range of Amazon products for which you will receive a commission of the total cost of any referral (affiliate) sale. By selecting this option, we start a new campaign.

Day 24. What if “No Go”? - Profit Hunter

On the 4th day, we created an account on Amazon. Therefore, we are just auto Let’s run and continue.

Day 24. What if “No Go”? - Profit Hunter

Choose the size, appearance, color scheme of our ad. And when everything is ready, we publish it in our blog (since I already have an account in WordPress, then immediately add a banner to the blog from Market Samurai

Day 24. What if “No Go”? - Profit Hunter

Add Google Adsense to your blog

To do this, select the type of Google Adsense campaign. We already have a Google Adsense account, but we have not set it up in Market Samurai. I'll show you how to do it:

Day 24. What if “No Go”? - Profit Hunter

In Account Name we enter the name of your account in Adsense (for yourself). Market Samurai will open a new window and offer to login. The admin page will appear in the right corner.Copy Publisher ID :

Day 24. What if “No Go”? - Profit Hunter

Go back to Market Samurai and paste the copied Piblisher ID into the field of the same name. Click on the button Add Account .

Day 24. What if “No Go”? - Profit Hunter

And in the same way as for Amazon, we choose the size and appearance of the banner advertisement for Google Adsense.

Day 24. What if “No Go”? - Profit Hunter

I enter a new Title , and everything else remains by default. Then Market Samurai connects with the blog and publishes a banner.

Day 24. What if “No Go”? - Profit Hunter

Both Adsense and Amazon banners are dynamic and will vary according to blog content.

Flippa. com - buy and sell sites

http: // flippa. com

In the 30-day marathon we set the task of not just spending a second of your time. Therefore, we will show how we can earn $ 130 for the website you have created, if it does not work for you, then this is not a good niche for you and you will not be able to sell goods in it.

Day 24. What if “No Go”? - Profit Hunter

This resource belongs to an Australian company Sitepoint . They created a fantastic market for buying and selling websites, especially at very low prices . I especially like the fact that everything happens in real time, you can see all the data and categories of the site you are selling: Google rating, unique content and design, integration of eBay, Amazon and Adsense.
For placing a site for sale you will be charged $ 19, you also paid $ 20 for hosting, and even if you sold the site for $ 100, you are in profit and earned $ 60. Do not create sites for immediate sale - engage in attracting traffic and ranking, thereby increasing the cost of the site.

Registration at Flippa. com

Registration for Flippa. com is very simple. On the home page of the site, select Register , fill out a small registration form with information and set up an account.

Day 24. What if “No Go”? - Profit Hunter

Remember, with WordPress Direct we can do a lot more - you get Google Analytics, Dashboard, and you can create it all. Do you understand why I love WordPressDirect, Market Samurai and TrafficBug?

Imagine that you created 15 sites - one site every two days - by the keywords you know that you will receive traffic and you have passed the whole process of the 30-day marathon. You use TrafficBug and WordPressDirect, and everything else, and let's say we have an income of $ 40 profit from each site. Total turns out more than $ 600. And this is only a conservative estimate. And if you give sites a little "settle", then for sites with age give $ 200- $ 1000. Isn't it cool? If yesterday you chose " No Go ", then this site is for you. Register and sell the site!

Before you sell the site

Day 24. What if “No Go”? - Profit Hunter

Before you sell your site, carefully look at the sold sites. Learn what they write, take all the details on the note and it will help you in selling your own.

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