Day 23. Should you continue to work in your niche? - Profit Hunter

A very serious and important day - today we need to consider all the data, information, numbers, statistics, to decide on the correctness of the choice of our niche. But first, repeat the material of the 17th day about the analysis of statistics and then apply knowledge to view niche statistics. And only after a complete review and study, decide whether to continue working in this niche or whether you should find a new one.

If you made a sale

, or not? Nothing has changed since the 17th day: we still have to make sure of visiting the people on our page, we need to get a decent percentage of traffic to our site, and only after 100 or more visits per day can we look at the offer and maybe get one sale.

If this is the case, then you can stop there and follow the marathon, where we will tell you how to expand your niche, get more traffic, increase sales, and start thinking about what product you can create and make all the money. The size of the sale is not important, but if it was 0.15 USD. The main thing is getting traffic and selling. So. If your sale took place, then relax and have fun until tomorrow.

If you have not made a sale

Now I want to talk to people who are in this situation. Let me give you a few suggestions:

  • you have a fairly decent rating (relatively high rating on Google - 1, 2, 3 or 4)
  • you have a decent amount of traffic - at least 100 visitors in day
  • maybe people click on your ads. Having tested, you were convinced that clicked correctly, but nobody bought anything.

Then we consider this a problem. We call this situation Go, No Go (we don’t go further).

Discuss this. A high ranking on Google is the most basic fallacy of most people. They may be in the ranking, but on page 17 or "Oh, I do not get traffic, niche is bad." Not! You have to work hard. Go back, use PPC , or create more HubPages , Squidoo Lenses , Articles , etc., to increase traffic and attracting more visitors to your money pages.

Secondly, you can be in the ranking, but not receive traffic. Someone asked on the forum: "If I cannot trust the figures on the Market Samurai, what can I trust? I have the first position in the ranking, and only two visits per day." That's why we do it and what we do is not the fault of Market Samurai, because the program only receives and transmits information from Google. You can use another tool, but the result and the situation will be the same, and you can not waste your time comparing the results of Market Samurai with other tools.

In the third - when nobody clicks on your advertisements. Someone is interested in the site and product, but he is not interested in buying. This is good news - you won’t waste your time and take up a new site.

Situation Four - click, but do not make a purchase. Here I will advise you not to make hasty conclusions, but to work further, increase traffic and the number of visits. Give people more time to buy.

If you started with creating a new product, then you must have at least one of the above situations. Well, if there are no sales, testing does not work, and there is a decent rating, then Go, No Go . Go back and start all over again.

We do not waste time and money. All veterans will tell you that the second niche will go much faster and better. Do not worry, your work was not in vain - because you got the experience and learned. Spend a couple of bucks to change the domain and hosting.

And remember that one failure does not mean anything, you should always try again and try to start all over again, especially since you already have the experience, knowledge and desire to make money.

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