Day 23 - From traffic to conversion - Profit Hunter

This day is completely devoted to the basics of copywriting.

(The original material of this day is laid out here.)

4 is attached to this lesson. pdf sample file.

Now let's take everything in order.

In the previous lesson I mentioned the importance of “fluidity” of content, that is, its ability to motivate a visitor to follow an affiliate link. So, for your content to be flowing, the first thing you have to do is write history .

Here are the stories that Ed Dale chose as an example.

Cards with Pokemon images

Day 23 - From traffic to conversion - Profit Hunter

About this auction (. Pdf is attached) Ed found out from his friend on Facebook.

Once, mother and her 6th children went shopping, and the children managed to get a pack of pokemon cards for m amine count. Naturally, this did not please my mother, and she decided to sell these cards at eBay auction.

As a result, when Ed visited the page with this product, $ 161 was offered for it (with the retail price of $ 2-3 packaging) and the number of people who viewed the lot almost reached 60 thousand

And all thanks to the fact that this mother told a real story about what happened to her and her children (naturally, diluting the story with a fair amount of irony and humor).

Writers discover eBay

Day 23 - From traffic to conversion - Profit Hunter

This story was also first published on eBay auction. (Download .pdf-option can be here.)

It would seem that a simple baseball, but what a plot! As a result, the story in 1237 words brought to its author about $ 700. Agree, $ 0.27 per word for a novice copywriter is not very weak.

The following two stories reveal additional facets of copywriting skills: depth of detail and surprise. (Example C and Example 4, respectively.)

Carefully re-read all 4 files. They contain the basis on which there is high-quality content, which, as you know, is all head.

However, the main thing for you now is not to observe every single rule of “correct” copywriting, but to write a living story: with a spark, with humor, with a riddle. Your story should have own horse. But how it will decide you.

You can write a good story for anything. Ed Dale, looking at the articles on speed reading (I hope you still remember the phrase "free speed reading” that started it all) , found an excellent story in terms of copywriting about how fast-reading prisoners sentenced to death learn penalty.

Day 23 - From traffic to conversion - Profit Hunter

Doesn't such a story attract the attention of readers? Easily!

Basics and Principles

There are several basic things that will help you write to write a quality article or blog post. To describe them, the authors of the book “Made to Stick” (this book strongly recommends reading Ed Dale) use the acronym SUCCES

It is unlikely that you will be able to stick the whole arsenal into one story. factor of six, you are guaranteed to be successful.

Most importantly, do not try to sell anything. Just tell your bike. Today the buyer has become very harmful, so you can hardly win his heart by listing 24 useful features and 56 benefits, which he may lose if not It will follow the affiliate link and will not immediately buy the product you are promoting (this applies to your blog post, and not the selling mini-site - there are slightly different criteria).

A drop of humor here, an unexpected twist there, a touch of reality here , a little bit of contradiction there - and you will not have a release from customers 🙂 You can even make a couple of typos in the text to give it a “lively” shade.

Now about the acronym and its components.

1. Simplicity

Day 23 - From traffic to conversion - Profit Hunter

Your story should be as simple and clear as possible. Disassemble everything on the shelves. (Ed's videos and podcasts and companies are an example of how this should be done.)

Even if it annoys those 10% of readers who catch everything on the fly, most visitors will thank you for it. If you want your story to be remembered and pushed the reader to action, avoid jargon and grammatical tricks if possible.

Take stories from eBay. One mother tells how her clever children quietly put a carton of cards in a cart, and the second about how her son broke a window with a baseball. What could be easier?

2. Surprise

Day 23 - From traffic to conversion - Profit Hunter

You must attract the attention of the reader and keep it. The transition from the shopping trip (during which the children threw into the cart the thing that mother did not want to buy them) to selling this thing at auction. This is not trivial. It is remembered.

3. Specificity

Day 23 - From traffic to conversion - Profit Hunter

Specificity causes confidence. If you say that about 10 thousand came to the rallyman, your message will be quite specific, but if you write that 8792 people have gathered in the square, you will cause a completely different reaction. The reader is more likely to believe you in the second case than in the first.

4. Credibility

Day 23 - From traffic to conversion - Profit Hunter

Credibility is related to specifics. Write where you got the information from, where else the reader can find useful tips, etc.
96> Notice the difference: I found this in a blog, I found it in such and such a blog, and I found it in such and such a blog such a blogger.

Separately, this factor has an insignificant effect, but little things, as is well known, tend to accumulate.

5. Emotionality

Day 23 - From traffic to conversion - Profit Hunter

Any parent knows what mom felt when getting out of the cart it was not clear where she took a pack of colorful cards or when she collected fragments of broken glass on the floor. These stories evoke specific feelings.

All of us are often guided more by emotions than by reason (or first by emotions, and then by reason). If the nature of the article allows you to evoke positive feelings in the reader, do it.

6. Stories

Day 23 - From traffic to conversion - Profit Hunter

Our training is fully built on stories and facts of life. At first parents told us stories, then they were partially replaced by teachers, who were then replaced by experts and mentors. Real stories have a huge impact on us. Do not underestimate him.


  • If you haven't started using Stats Tracker yet, do it right now.
  • Create another keyword blog. Porridge butter does not spoil. The more diverse platforms you use, the more visitors you will have. (Here you have a choice: to create several blogs for one keyword or one blog for each keyword, or to combine both approaches - however, any of these options is correct.)

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