Day 22 - Test and Track Results - Profit Hunter

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With the exception of market research, testing and tracking the results of are essential elements of online marketing.

If you read e-commerce forums, you will find many tips and reminders that in order to make the project more effective, you need to track such and such indicators, check such and such figures and test such and such methods and techniques . But in reality, almost no one does it, and to the question: “Did you test it yourself?”, Such advisers usually answer: “No, not yet, but I am going to ...”

Truly something is being tested and only a few track something. But this is really important. And first of all for your financial well-being. The difference between pocket money and stable earnings on the Internet lies precisely in the quality testing and tracking of results.

These actions perform two functions: firstly, they show how well you are doing your work, and secondly, they make it clear how expedient this work is in general.

An example from Ed Dale

Back in June, Ed made a one-page blog, like what you should already be at this point, and put an affiliate link on it to a specific information product.

There were two items on ClickBank's shelves on topics chosen by Ed and he focused on the one that brought more benefits ($ 16.34 from one sale).

40-50 people visited the blog first per day. Later, when the blog rose from 7th to 2nd place in Google rankings, its traffic increased to 160 people per day. At the same time, about 60% of visitors passed through the affiliate link (this is a fairly high figure).

This allowed Ed to sell a unit of goods per day, that is, he earned $ 8.17 a day on a blog, or almost $ 3000 a year, which for one page, you agree, s very bad. But ...

Ed once again went to ClickBank and looked through the second item, which brought "only" $ 9.80 a single sale. Without hesitation, Ed replaced the affiliate link and now all visitors got to another selling site.

And what would you think? The new product sold better - about 1.6 sales per day, i.e. $ 15.68 per day or $ 5723 per year. Almost two times more than the previous one! If Ed had not tested the new product, the difference of $ 2,700 per year would obviously not be his. This is the essence of testing.

If the attendance of your blog is not great now, wait until you have enough transitions from the affiliate link (1000-1500 people). Moreover, you will not just wait, but actively create new and supplement old blogs, right?

In any case, you need a sufficient amount of statistics to draw any conclusions. Different products are sold differently: some go better on certain days of the week, others at certain times of the year, so testing will take some time.

When you switch to another product, do the same. Wait until the number of visitors to the selling site reaches 1000-1500 and only then draw conclusions. I hope you understand how to use the information received? 😉

Test Options

First of all, you need to know how much your text motivates the reader to click on an affiliate link, that is, what percentage of visitors are your potential buyers. To do this, you can use free services such as Google Analytics or Statcounter. Accordingly, the greater the percentage of “flowing” your content (you need to achieve an indicator of 10-15% (at least)).

The second stage of the process is to determine the ratio of the number of buyers to the number of those who just went affiliate link. Here, too, there is nothing difficult: just divide the number of sales by the number of visitors to the selling site.

Testing as a warning system

Let's imagine that the phrase “how to change a diaper for a child” 5th place in the issuance of Google, your blog is visited daily by 60-70 people, and you abatyvaete with affiliate product sales of $ 4 per day.

And suddenly, blog traffic and / or sales revenue plummets. There may be two reasons for this:

  • there is no longer any partner product;
  • Google has lowered you in the issue.

The first is decided by the transition to a new partner product. The second is the further development of the blog (by adding content, putting external links, etc.).

To check the overall traffic on the pages of your blogs, be sure to use a special program or a web application like Google Analytics. When you create a network of 30-40 sites, checking their traffic manually will be very long and tedious. And in Google Analytics it can be done in 15 minutes. (In addition, there are many other useful features.)

If you see that a competitor has moved you in the issue, do not disregard it. Add some content to your blog, make sure that other sites link to the blog (do not forget about the socialization of content).

In most cases, the marketer who managed to get around you (accidentally or intentionally) immediately switches attention to other keywords / pages and rarely returns to your niche (especially if it is a large site that is optimized for more general terms and could move your blog only due to your “authority”.)

Naturally, you can use this and return lost positions in a relatively short time and, possibly, move even higher. But if you don’t track the results, you will do not notice that you beat someone ate.

Stats Tracker by Ed Dale and Dena Rainey

This tool is designed for a single function, it shows how many people clicked your affiliate link from your blog to the partner’s selling site.

As usual, I present you the instructions in pictures (based on the original video).

For example, we need a blog. Let this be a blog on WordPress.

Day 22 - Test and Track Results - Profit Hunter

To write a post, you need to click on the “My Dashboard” button (in Russian. “Bulletin Board” option)

Day 22 - Test and Track Results - Profit Hunter

then press the “Write” button and then write the text:

Day 22 - Test and Track Results - Profit Hunter

Day 22 - Test and Track Results - Profit Hunter

It is unlikely that such content can be called quality, but this is just an example, so it will go. Now we need to find a partner product and put a link to it.

Affiliate products can be found either on the PayDotCom website or on ClickBank. If you have any problems with the registration or the choice of partner product, write in the comments, I will make a separate post on this topic.

So, we now have an affiliate link,

Day 22 - Test and Track Results - Profit Hunter

which we can drive into Stats Tracker.

You will find Stats Tracker on the Thirty Day Challenge official website (right sidebar).

Day 22 - Test and Track Results - Profit Hunter

When you click on the link, You will see the following:

Day 22 - Test and Track Results - Profit Hunter

Here you first need to click the "New URL" button.

Day 22 - Test and Track Results - Profit Hunter

After that, a form will appear in which you will need to enter an affiliate link and its description. Don't forget to delete the "http: //”.

Day 22 - Test and Track Results - Profit Hunter

Now click the “Add URL” button and you will get a new address that will replace the original affiliate link.

Day 22 - Test and Track Results - Profit Hunter

Now you can place this link in the place where the original affiliate link should stand, and each visitor, before getting to the partner site, will pass through the Stats Tracker.

Stats Tracker is good not only because it hides affiliate link, but also with the fact that with its help you will be able to track the number of visitors in real time.

By the way, you can immediately check that the link works clicking on the “Test URL” button.

Day 22 - Test and Track Results - Profit Hunter

After that you can update the statistics by clicking on the “Refresh” button.

Day 22 - Test and Track Results - Profit Hunter

This is the first click ...

Day 22 - Test and Track Results - Profit Hunter

To reset the statistics, click the “Reset” button.

Day 22 - Test and Track Results - Profit Hunter

If you want to change the name, description, or address of the affiliate link, click the “Edit” button (first on the left in the previous figure).

That's the whole instruction

Now copy the resulting link and paste it into the text.

Day 22 - Test and Track Results - Profit Hunter

Here’s how it would be all by Day 22.

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