Day 21 - Overall Picture - Profit Hunter

A video of this day from Ed Dale is posted here. There is also. pdf file.

Today we will again talk about what we are doing and why, and clarify some specific points that will help you succeed in this Marathon.

Everything we are doing now is no more than research and testing the market. We do not create a product. And we do not sell affiliate products. We are just conducting an experiment.

First we searched for keywords. Now we need to make sure that this keyword brings enough traffic. Most likely, at this stage you will be able to make several sales. But this is only the beginning. The ultimate goal is a personal product or a fairly large and reliable network of satellites (blogs / sites) promoting affiliate products. In most cases, the first type of earnings on the Internet is much more profitable.

Now for more details on each item:

Day 21 - Overall Picture - Profit Hunter

Market Research

I hope you now understand why we have spent so much time on this stage of the Marathon . To some of you, this may seem superfluous, but believe me, the game is made of article o um.

The whole Marathon is based on choosing the right keywords. And that is why the GTrends tool is so helpful to us.

Day 21 - Overall Picture - Profit Hunter

High-quality content optimized for the correct keyword / phrase is well indexed by search engines. I hope you have already seen it on the example of your blog.


Ed Dale, who has many years of experience as an internet marketer, claims that almost any minisite, regardless of the quality of advertising text or design, can convert 0.5% of traffic, tons . e. 1 sale for 200 visitors.

Day 21 - Overall Picture - Profit Hunter

Your goal is to make one sale per day. By the way, this is not so little. Even if you get $ 10 from affiliate sales, it is $ 300 per month. Further more. Pure arithmetic.

And remember that what matters here is not how many people visit your blogs, but how many of them go to the partner’s mini-site (or your mini-site).


At this stage, you only need to keep track of how many people visit your sites, how many of them go to the selling page, and how many they buy. Do not try to make any adjustments to the process. Just watch and calculate - no more.

When there is a lot of traffic, then you can start experimenting with platforms, styles, designs, arrangement of pictures, headings, etc. But this should be done only when you start doing one at a time, and preferably several sales a day.


When you test the market and see that it is sufficiently solvent, you can start creating your own information product. But not before. Otherwise you can waste a lot of time.

Why do you need your product? If only because the income from the sale of affiliate products will never be as high as the income from the sale of their own products (including through partners). This is an axiom of e-commerce.

In addition, a product, even informational or virtual, is a property that you can sell and resell. Like a domain name or site.

Where we are now

Now we use various free platforms to attract traffic and merge it onto a partner selling site. It looks like this:

Day 21 - Overall Picture - Profit Hunter

What you should work on

You need to attract 200 people to the partner site. Ideally, this amount of people should move from your blogs to a selling site daily. But in reality it may take several days.

If you see that after the 200th visitor there is no treasured $$$ in your account, start looking for a new niche, BUT ... do not throw this at all. From time to time, add fresh content to your blogs. The ratio of 1: 200 is conditional and may fluctuate over time. On the 30DC forum I read the story of one marathon runner, who had 3 sales from the first 80 visitors, but not one from the next 500.

Of course, if no one buys anything after reaching 800-1000 visitors, it means , the case is dull.

Tomorrow, I will provide you with a tool that will help you track the number of visitors who follow your affiliate links to selling sites.


If the testing is successful, you can start creating your own information product. This will further increase your profits.

A network of blogs / sites

Day 21 - Overall Picture - Profit Hunter

This is how your niche “empire” should look in time. For sure you have already noticed that suitable keywords in your niche can to be not one, and not two (now I am working on a niche in which there are about 20 such words, not counting those where the competition is 30-100 thousand pages, which is also not so much).

So when you have 2-3 sites / blogs for each word and they will all be linked to each other and linked to your main site. With the accumulation of content and increasing authority of sites for search engines, the effectiveness of such a network will grow like an avalanche.

Moreover, you will always have on hand quality content that you can transfer from a free blog to a website hosted on a paid hosting service at any time.

The same network will serve as reliable protection and a constant source of visitors for your selling (or thematic) site. Over time, the number of “200 people per day” can grow into 400, 600, etc. With the same pace your income will increase. And if you manage to build 10 or 15 such “empires”?

Do you think What is difficult to do? Honestly, not easy. But it is certainly no more difficult than to press waste paper (there is experience :)) or to work at a construction site in the “bring-give-it-out ...” mode. ”

Especially since you yourself will only do this at the beginning. When you will have some profit, you will be able to shift some of the tasks onto other people's shoulders and only do what goes best. If you have some savings, you can attract mental workforce as soon as you see that the market ready to buy your proposed product.

The next stage in the promotion of your website or information t Warfare can be contextual advertising (in Google, Yahoo !, MSN - yes anywhere). But now you don’t have to think about it. Everything has its time.

That's all.

Do not forget write three small articles every day. Practice English and develop the habit of creating content. Also today you can add one more platform to your mini-network. It will not hurt.

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