Day 2 - Search for ideas - Profit Hunter

So, today is the second day of the Autumn Marathon, and it is completely devoted to the search for ideas. You can watch and listen to Ed Dale in the original here.

95% of problems can be avoided at the market research stage

Based on the results of the last two Marathons, I (Ed) can say that 95% problems of all participants could be corrected (or prevented) at the stage of market research . Here you have to do everything right. That is why we devote so much time to this aspect.

You need a lot of ideas to have something to choose from. As you will soon see, most of them will be eliminated, so do not be lazy - write down everything that comes into your head.

Where to get the idea?

Go outside and walk around the city. Go to the supermarket, see which products go with a bang, and which are gathering dust in the windows. Visit the bookstore and watch which departments and what exactly the buyers go to. Hang out at trade shows in the end.

Watch people. If they are ready to pay their hard-earned money for some rubbish - this is the most reliable indicator of demand.

Do not try to get into the big leagues

Try to avoid such crazy and incredibly lucrative markets as:

  • weight reduction
  • dog training
  • vitamins and nutritional supplements
  • Internet marketing
  • finance and real estate

The competition here is incredible .

Start small, make sure your choice and start expanding. No need to go to the Major League, if you have not played in the First League. Which attacker will come out of you if you, maybe, didn’t hold the ball in your hands?

The brightest minds are working on how to squeeze profits from these mega markets. Don't get in their way. Not now.

Do not edit anything

For now, try not to think about whether you have a good idea or not. Everything has its time. Now your business is their generation. Good, bad - stamp and stamp them without stopping.

Work above all

First, look at the lesson materials and complete the tasks and only then go to the forum or somewhere else. If something is not clear, ask a question on the forum. But don't stay there, otherwise you can spend your whole life watching others solve their problems and succeed.

Work should be in the first place!

You can choose any topic

Of course, there are topics to which You soul lies. Here, for example, underwater kickboxing. Well, what is the topic? And you can conduct market research in this particular area. But there are several pitfalls:

  • Content for your thematic sites may not seem good enough.
  • The enthusiasm and interest in the subject after 15 years of work in the field is unlikely to remain quite high.
  • Knowing the topic can harm natural curiosity, without which it cannot be avoided.

Think about the market

If a person is interested in something, he buys everything he sees. For those who sell information products, this is very, very good. People, driven by their passion for some kind of hobby, will scour the entire Internet to find the information they need. They are driven by curiosity and enthusiasm.

You must remember that it is not for you to buy the product that you will sell. It is in Internet marketing that we are all tired of e-mails and advertising texts. But in such a niche as underwater kickboxing, such things can even be a wonder.

This is a market research, not a product search

Remember: we are now exploring the MARKET, rather than looking for GOODS. And even more, do not create it - for now.

A new device for making bratwurst is NOT the market. This is a product. And the market is the very production of those homemade wieners.

Target Market

The Autumn Marathon focuses on the work in the English-speaking Internet sector. But this does not prevent you from applying all the lessons and approaches to Runet. Moreover, I will try to help you with this.

Where to look for ideas?

1. The Ebay Pulse

Day 2 - Search for ideas - Profit Hunter

The information in the “Popular Searches” section is interesting but has no value for us. Therefore, we set off to explore the categories.

Day 2 - Search for ideas - Profit Hunter

Antiques, art, children's products, books ... You should have a couple of ideas already now.

Imagine that you have chosen the category “Musical Instruments”. Ebay will immediately give you a list of the most popular queries in this category. And, viewing the list, you can easily generate a couple of interesting ideas.

Day 2 - Search for ideas - Profit Hunter

In the drop-down menu you see a lot of popular categories that relate to musical instruments. For example, DJ Gear Lighting - lighting and equipment for clubs.Select this category and you will see what are looking for buyers who are interested in this topic.

Potential niches here can be such things as “how to hold a cool party at the club” or “how to become a professional DJ”.

Ebay is good because it shows what people are willing to pay their money for. And such information is very, very useful.

Analogs for Molotok Runet. ru or eTorg. com.

2. Technorati

Day 2 - Search for ideas - Profit Hunter

Technorati is a search engine for blogs. It shows that bloggers are currently writing on their resources and combines all the blogs and posts that are in its base.

If you click on the “Popular” tab, you will see a lot of useful information, such as: top queries, best blogs, etc.

Day 2 - Search for ideas - Profit Hunter

Pay special attention to the “Boing Boing: A Directory of Wonderful Things” blog. It often contains excellent articles that will be an excellent raw material for your ideas.

Ed, for example, found markets there such as “speed reading” and “Japanese dragon costumes”.

There are a lot of blogs in the world. But most of the traffic goes to the most popular ones. Probably because they know how to attract this traffic and which topics can keep readers interested in them. What do you think?

If you are going to look for niches for Runet, delve into resources such as Blogus. ru and blogs. yandex. ru.

3. Google Groups

Day 2 - Search for ideas - Profit Hunter

On Ebay, we were looking for what people were buying. From Technorati, we learned what they read and what they are talking about.

Now we need to know what they are addicted to. And Google Groups will help us more than anyone else.

First select a category and then a language. In our case, let it be “Art and Entertainment” and, accordingly, “English”. Of course, no one forbids you to explore other categories and languages, in particular Russian.

Day 2 - Search for ideas - Profit Hunter

Pay special attention to the “Activity” section, which can be high, medium and low. And look at the number of participants in groups. But here, all the same, their activity is more important, not a number. So, we need groups with high activity.

Day 2 - Search for ideas - Profit Hunter

Here you have a promising market - working with metal.

4. Yahoo Groups

Day 2 - Search for ideas - Profit Hunter

By and large, this is the same as Google Groups.

5. Google Trends

Day 2 - Search for ideas - Profit Hunter

Here we are interested in “hot trends”, that is, “hot trends.”

Day 2 - Search for ideas - Profit Hunter

You can change the date and see data for other days.

6 Yahoo Answers

Day 2 - Search for ideas - Profit Hunter

Here You may know exactly what your potential customers are concerned. Let's take for example, select the category "Beauty. Style ”.

Day 2 - Search for ideas - Profit Hunter

Here's a couple of potential niches for you: “how to dye your hair” and “how do i get a pink smokey eye look” (Frankly speaking, what is “pink smokey eye look” is a mystery, but people, as you can see, are interested.)

Use services like Google Answers and Answers @ Mail. Ru.

These are the main sources where you can draw your ideas. There are a few more resources you might want to turn your attention to.

  • Ask. Com
  • Amazon . com
  • Ehow. com
  • Seomoz. org
  • About. com
  • WikiHow

Perhaps enough.

Now select 7 ideas

Do not analyze, edit or judge your ideas. Just select the 7 niches that attract you the most. t. If the choice is not easy, take a pencil, close your eyes and click on the list with a pencil. On what you get, choose one.

And again I want to warn you: bypass the High League niche, at least until

If you have any questions, always ready to answer.

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