Day 2 - Quick search for long key phrases - Profit Hunter

Day 2 - Quick search for long key phrases - Profit Hunter In today's part of the Marathon, we’ll talk about searching for micronish - long keywords that will meet the criteria specified by Ed (you will find them later in the text). In essence, this process is identical to what we were doing during last year’s Marathon, but now all the work is shifted to the shoulders of the program Market Samurai , and, therefore, the search time will be much shorter.

To access the program, you first need to register on the ThirtyDayChallenge website. com . After that, you must log in to the site and go to the section Training . A link to Market Samurai can be found on the page with the second day of the Marathon (Daily Training, Day 02) under the video and text.

Day 2 - Quick search for long key phrases - Profit Hunter

This link will take you to the page where the subscription form will be. Enter your name and e-mail address there. After that, if you wish, you can fill out a questionnaire. For this, you are guaranteed to receive a bonus report with practical examples of using the program (in English) and a chance to win perpetual free access to the program. If there is no desire to fill it, then immediately click on the link Skip the Survey . You can also safely skip the next page. After that, you will receive a link to the box where you can go to the download page. Market Samurai works on the Adobe Air platform, so before you start installing the program, install Adobe Air.

Now for the micronish that we are going to look for. The classification of niches by Ed for exact matching with search queries (phrases in quotation marks) is as follows:

  • 1,000,000+ pages of competitors - market
  • 100000-1000000 - large niche
  • 30000-100000 - niche
  • . 30,000 - micronish

As in the past year, we will focus on key phrases related to micronish. Requirements for the popularity of requests are the same as in the previous Marathon - at least 80-100 hops per day for the first site in the issue.

Now let's understand how Market Samurai works and what you can do with it.

When you first start the program, you need to create a new project. To do this, enter the keyword, the name of the project and the path to the file where this project will be saved.

Day 2 - Quick search for long key phrases - Profit Hunter

For example, I took the market weight loss .

First of all, we need to research this market, i.e., learn the keywords and phrases that relate to it (by the way, the keyword research module will be free all the time , the other modules only within 40 days).

To do this, we select the Keyword Research tab, leave the daws by default (we will return to the SEO Digger option later, at this stage it is not relevant) and press the Generate Keywords .

Day 2 - Quick search for long key phrases - Profit Hunter

In total, 199 keywords came out, and all of them are semantically related to the phrase weight loss . If you want to add your own words and phrases to them, use the Add Keywords window. Now these words need to be analyzed for their popularity. For this we will use the button Analyze Keywords .

Day 2 - Quick search for long key phrases - Profit Hunter

Daws in the open window at this stage should be left as default. Total Searches shows the total number of requests for a phrase, SEO Traffic (SEOT) - estimated number of transitions for the first site in the issue. ( Disclaimer : data may not be 100% accurate, but this is exactly the data that Google gives us.)

After you are a second time press the Analyze Keywords button, you will have a label like this:

Day 2 - Quick search for long key phrases - Profit Hunter

Now you can sort the words by popularity and select phrases from them for further analysis. Let it be the phrase diet supplements . To analyze this phrase, just click on the key to its left.

Day 2 - Quick search for long key phrases - Profit Hunter

Next we do the same thing that we did for weight loss . If you do this operation yourself (you can use another keyword), you will see that the list of keywords for diet supplements is very different from the similar list for weight loss , and this list gets more 4-, 5- and even 6-word phrases that can easily be the micronish we are looking for.

Now we need to clear the list of unnecessary keywords. This is done in two ways:

  1. You simply click on the cross to the right of the word you do not need.
  2. You click on one of the words in a phrase that has nothing to do with the niche of interest, and the program removes all the phrases from the list in which this word is present.

Day 2 - Quick search for long key phrases - Profit Hunter

After you clean the list, you must click the Analyze Keywords button again. Only now you need to put a filter on the analysis results.

Day 2 - Quick search for long key phrases - Profit Hunter

Now that we have filtered the phrases by popularity and the list has been significantly reduced, other filters can be applied to it (it is desirable to apply additional filters now that unnecessary phrases are removed from the list so you will reduce the waiting time for results and the likelihood of getting into a temporary Google Ban). Put the daws as shown in the picture below:

Day 2 - Quick search for long key phrases - Profit Hunter

For safety, I set the maximum number of competitors in 100,000 pages. However, there was a phrase where competition barely exceeded 20,000 pages. A couple of phrases remained with empty fields instead of numbers (I do not know why the program did not process them, but if anything, you can always check this data manually).

Day 2 - Quick search for long key phrases - Profit Hunter

Seasonality, of course, the phrase is high, but in any case, this market is for us nothing more than a prototype.

Also pay attention to the data on the AdWords CTR and OCI (Online Commercial Intent is a measure of the surfer’s readiness for purchase). For the phrase diet nutrition supplements the data is very personal, especially OCI. (I just wonder how the CTR can be more than 100%, like the phrase one line higher. Is it that most surfers return to the page and click on other ads?)

Your task for today is to take those 5-10 markets that you identified yesterday and find 2-3 micronish among them, in which there will be at least one word suitable for the Marathon by all criteria: at least 80-100 hops per day for the first issuing site and less than 30,000 competitors pages for exact request.

As for the failures in Market Samurai, you should understand that the program pulls data from the Google Keyword Tool, and Google periodically updates the database and does other things unknown to mere mortals. Therefore, if you see that the program produces completely left-handed data or does not produce anything at all, check the phrase manually using the Keyword Tool. If it's Google, wait a while and start analyzing the key phrase for a new one. If the case is in Market Samurai, contact those. support

Well, did you like the program? Then register and download 😉

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