Day 2. Market, niche, micronish. Market Samurai - Profit Hunter

Today is the second day, the most important among all the other 30 days, and let's talk in detail about the "phrases that pay."

How to start?

When we need something or find it on the Internet, then in the search engine we enter what we need, a phrase or keyword . And for a successful search this phrase is very important. H You need to learn to see the differences between very useful and useless keywords.

It is necessary to find the words and phrases that people type in the search engines in each particular market. And the program Market Samurai will help us with this.

Program Market Samurai

  • program created by the command Noble Samurai in conjunction with Guru Bob
  • helps to perform complex and time-consuming tasks to search for key phrases
  • allows a quick transition from the market to the niche and to the micronishe
  • helps to identify the "topic" and "category" of key words
  • gives quick access to traffic and competition page

P the program was successfully presented last year, last year’s 30 days Marathon, but , it will be useful now. P the customers of this program are extraordinarily lucky: many years of development and testing, and now only is enough examine the instructions and press the start button. In addition, there are several versions of the program - online, if you want to look at live mode and several versions for downloads:

- the full version, ideal for a computer or for Apple TV (if you are the happy owner)

- smaller version, regular standard version, ideal if bandwidth is low and also suitable for a computer.

- and the program for IPhone .

So , we can summarize a little :

- we need to find something in the network

- success depends on the correct choice of a keyword, the phrase

- the phrase is what a person enters in the search engine Google to search for the “product” it needs

- you need to know what people enter into the search engine

- and apply the program Market Samurai

Link :

Download the program Market Samu rai you can here ( www . marketsamurai . com / th irtydc )

Let's take a closer look at the basic concepts on which YOUR success

will be spun What is a Market?

Most of the information today will be twisted around the program Market Samurai , a wonderful tool that teaches strategies and the process

Undoubtedly If you participate in this 30 day Marathon, then you are interested in creating your own business project and making money online. This does not mean at all that the techniques and methods of our marathon will not be effective for non-commercial websites, but we are still focusing on commercial projects.

So, what is the market?

  • is a segment of the general population that has a common need or desire
  • .... people who have purchasing power (credit cards, bills, etc.)
  • And having the motivation to buy something to meet their needs!

What is a Niche?

A niche is a subset of the larger Market.

For example, there is a group of people interested in the company Leica , and this will be a huge group of people, since the company's product range is large (cameras, lenses, glasses and telescopes). But there will be fewer people interested only in cameras Leica , this will be niche. A micronish will be a group of people with interest digital cameras Leica .

What is offline marketing?

  • it is difficult and expensive to find niches and micronish
  • advertising in specialized magazines or direct market to specific database
  • often does not fit for small and medium businesses, as well as for beginners

What is Internet Marketing?

  • On the Internet, people define their interest in relation to the keywords from their queries
  • Some keywords / phrases are used more often than others, and thus cost more, there are also more competitive web pages that use these keywords / phrases.
  • Some keywords, in most cases, are used by people who are looking for a product to buy, and therefore such words are commercially valuable.

Keyword Hierarchy

  • The key hierarchy allows you to define the separation of the keywords Market, Niche and Micronish
  • More than 1 000 000 competitive pages - Market (or even Mega Market)
  • 30 000 - 1 000 000 pages - Niche
  • Less than 30 000 pages - Micronish

Now, using the example of searching for our keywords in Google , let's see how it works.

We write only the word Leica

Day 2. Market, niche, micronish. Market Samurai - Profit Hunter

And we see that Google found 12.7 million competitive pages with the tag " Leica " , and therefore, for any definition, this is a keyword of this level.

But we need to know how many pages there are if we search for the phrase "camera Leica "? And we see that the search gave 334 000 pages for this niche context within our keyword hierarchy.

And again, now we are looking for a “digital camera Leica ", and Google gives us 21 500 links to pages that, based on our definition, make up the phrase micronishi - exactly what we need.

We did research and searching with the program Market Samurai for the phrase "digital camera Leica ", and per page is the number one in the search ( Google ) for "digital camera Leica "It was taken 1500 times a day. So, despite the fact that having relatively little competition (21 500 pages), there is a lot of traffic. This will be a candidate for a good keyword in micronish.

Characteristics of micronish

  • SEO traffic more than 80 visitors a day
  • Competition SEO less than 30 000 competent websites
  • Ratio phrases of broad correspondence [ PBR ] must be at least 15%

Why analyze traffic?

  • More traffic = more potential visitors
  • More visitors = more potential sales
  • More sales = more potential income

Goal of the Second Day - the end result of this day is to understand the terms niche and micronish, using the program Market Samurai to determine high-quality keywords for further use in these niches, as well as a full study of at least 3 micronish, defined on the First Day.


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