Day 2 - Keyword Search - Profit Hunter

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I hope you have already decided on a niche (or at least made some bites). Now it's time to start searching for keywords for this niche.

[wpyt_profile1] E8K8wsYg6XE [/ wpyt_profile1]

Download link on Rapidshare (. Avi, 26,7 Mb).

Keyword search tools:

  • Gtrends Wordtracker Keywords
  • Google Keyword Tool

The next video about what to do next with the resulting list of keywords.

[wpyt_profile1] L6dpD_YGw_4 [/ wpyt_profile1]

Download link on Rapidshare (. Avi, 16.22 Mb).

Gtrends Made Easy you can download from here.

In the second video, I made a mistake: the phrase “free WordPress application” should be replaced with the phrase “free Wordtracker application” .

p. with. I will no longer upload videos to. flv format, but if anyone else needs a FLV player, you can download it here.

p. p. Aaron Wall has created another useful SEO plugin Rank Checker. This plugin shows the position of the site in the issuance of Google, Yahoo and MSN in different countries.

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