Day 19. Buy Pay Per Click. Google Adwords - Profit Hunter

Today, we are starting to work on the “Pay Per Click” or PPC advertising type. After learning today's lesson, you will create your Google Adwords account, install and activate an advertising campaign with a single advertising group optimized for your main keyword phrase and a back link to your blog.

Google Adwords - http: // adwords. google. com

What is Google Adwords?

Day 19. Buy Pay Per Click. Google Adwords - Profit Hunter

For those who don't know, Google Adwords is an advertisement on Google pages that they pay for, by clicking on it. PPC - 'then sponsored links of search results. In a traditional advertisement, in a newspaper or a magazine, the advertiser must pay for the placement of an advertisement, and it is not known whether they will see it. The cool thing about online pay-per-click advertising is that you only pay for the actual appeal to your advertising and for visiting your website . Very objective function and you can choose keywords to advertise.

By example, we will use Childrens Sleeping Bags (Baby Sleeping Bags), on a blog topic. Our goal: the appearance of our advertising on Google when people search for “Baby Sleeping Bags.”

Why Adwords?

Day 19. Buy Pay Per Click. Google Adwords - Profit Hunter

Why we use Adwords at this stage in 30 -day marathon? This is quite obvious, it will bring traffic, will help to quickly track our result, because we need to get 200 visitors and at least one sale. This is testing our niche: is it a commercial interest? Adwords is a great tool costs money, of course, but it can also help attract traffic and turn a niche into a commercially viable much faster.

How does it all work?

Day 19. Buy Pay Per Click. Google Adwords - Profit Hunter
Basically, this is an auction service. You pay the maximum cost for each click on your ad, it's a Quality Score Quality Score - this algorithm was introduced by Google for general information. Quality Score consists of three elements.

  1. relevance of your ad;
  2. clickthrough rate, the most powerful of 3;
  3. indicator of the number of people who remained on the site after the click.

Google underlines the fundamental goal with Adwords:

  • make money
  • make sure that the user has the best experience: i.e. when I print a condition Search Childrens Sleeping Bags, then the ad should be maximally relevant to this keyword.

Advertising should captivate and bring to your site, and if people find what they are looking for, then they will continue to use the Google service. For example blog http: // www. childrens-sleepingbags. com will create an Adwords campaign and try to quickly bring traffic to the blog and check whether our niche is commercially viable.

Create a Google Adwords Account

Day 19. Buy Pay Per Click. Google Adwords - Profit Hunter

First you need to register on the Google Adwords page. We pass through the various steps of registration and create your own advertising campaign. On the Currency tab - select the currency in which we will pay for this account.

If we register with the Google Mail email address that we already have, then all addresses are authenticated by Google. Further receive e-mail with the link, will pass on it for authentication and authorization of the postal address. For detailed and detailed study, there are sections - Learn more and Help. And we turn to the creation of the first campaign.

Day 19. Buy Pay Per Click. Google Adwords - Profit Hunter

Click the button Create your first compaign

Create the first advertising campaign

Day 19. Buy Pay Per Click. Google Adwords - Profit Hunter

First, let's do Select compaign settings (Set company settings). In the Compaign name field of the General field, enter the main thematic key phrase. Further, in the section Audience , we select geo-targeting of our target audience and language. In our example, this is the country of North America and the language is English. The next section is Networks and Devices (Networks and Devices). Disable the search for business partners (Search partners), content network (Content networks) and devices for iphone and other mobile devices (mobile phones and iPhones rarely search for something according to my keywords).

As for the Payment options, I choose the manual setting for pay per click, because later we will have to change the cost per click. Next, we define the budget. The daily budget represents the average spending you want to spend on an Adwords campaign. First, you need to set the amount a little more than your usual payment for advertising, because Google supports advertisers who want to spend decent money on advertising with them. I will set $ 100 per day. Save and continue, the remaining settings will remain unchanged.

We write the first ad

Day 19. Buy Pay Per Click. Google Adwords - Profit Hunter

The next step is to write an advertisement and to select the keywords . Ad keywords have a big impact on Quality Score , which will determine the cost per click.The first element of a good headline is relevance and market matching. You need to make sure that your advertising headline will attract people’s attention. Let's apply a little trick to attract attention: write our little key phrase in wavy brackets.

{Keyword: Childrens Sleeping Bags}

What will we achieve with this? First, the person will see the phrase he was looking for (drove in the search bar), and secondly, if the search phrase is too long to appear as the Adwords heading, it will be returned to the previous Childrens Sleeping Bags or any other that you define as the main one.

In the field Keywords we enter key phrases. Here it matters how we write them down:

  • [childrens cleeping bags] are in square brackets. This is a strict correspondence. What is written is shown.
  • "childrens cleeping bags” - in quotes. Key phrases that contain ours inside will be reflected when someone types it.
  • childrens cleeping bags - simple text. If someone is looking for "blue childrens cleeping cags ”, then our phrase will be in the issue along with the reference text.

So, the first line of our ad is the title, the key phrase; the second two lines are the description of our product, and must also contain key phrases; the third element - shows the name of the link, better without signs on the website www or http: //, and the link should be written as short as possible, without unnecessary distracting information; and the last element is the link itself, the home page of the website. Below we introduce possible key phrases by which we can search for products relevant to our product. At the bottom of the page set the maximum cost per click. We save and proceed to filling out information about billing. Save and activate.

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