Day 18. We get more traffic - Profit Hunter

Today we will look at various types of traffic, and we will explain why we choose a certain type of traffic, and in what order.

Today's tip:

  • Our goal is 200 visitors every day .

Strategic thinking in matters of optimization is a strong thing. Why do we do so much work? Maybe there are easier ways to get traffic? For example, pay per click. No problem. Whoever has financial resources for this, this method is the fastest to get traffic. The only problem is the price: Google uses something called the Quality Score (Quality Score), which you will get to know a little later in a few days.

Over the past year in the 30-day marathon, we invented an amazing technique that Google announced as the best in getting the best Quality Score . How did we do it? Indexing and ranking pages before advertising, paid per click. It usually happens that people creating a website immediately upload ads to it. So what? Google has never seen this site before and therefore gives it a bad rating. Now, all the work you have done is for the sake of getting the best price for your new campaign in your niche, because you are also indexed in the ranking. This is a huge job - and it saves you money. Therefore, there are two resources in the 30-day marathon:

Resource 1 - “time.” Each has the same amount of time. And if time is your only resource, then you should continue to create articles, work on backlinks, to get traffic.

Resource 2 - “money”. If you have financial resources, we will show how to use them, how to spend the least amount of funds and get the maximum traffic. Consider all methods of getting traffic.

The basis of any Internet business

Day 18. We get more traffic - Profit Hunter

Business consists of 4 parts:

  1. Market research
  2. Traffic
  3. Conversion
  4. Creating a product that will bring us money

Consider each part in more detail. First, let's pay attention to the traffic: we have 200 visitors per day. Awesome! But we need to make sure that this is really our traffic. You will need to create the traffic yourself. We showed you one method - Social Network. And we will show you a completely new method. This can be a combination of methods or a single method. I want those 200 people to become my “conversion engine.” What does that mean? They saw our blog, and our blog leads to a suggestion. Perhaps this is not the most effective method for selling, but a good way to start exploring the market. There are many types conversion engines. The main thing is that they all lead to making money and obey the first law of business - there must be more money in profit than in costs.

Types of traffic

Day 18. We get more traffic - Profit Hunter

We have already taken the first important step: a successful niche requires 200 unique visitors per day.

Consider p various traffic categories.

  1. Free traffic. Split into:
    • Maximum Edge. The main resource here is time
    • SEO: search engine optimization
  2. Paid traffic is the second resource. It is divided into three basic types:
    • Pay per click (for example, Google pays per click or Yahoo)
    • Facebook pays per click
    • Banner advertising

Why pay per click?

Day 18. We get more traffic - Profit Hunter

I have drawn a chart. Now let's look at what’s what: the vertical axis is about 3-6 months, the horizontal axis is money. Search engine optimization (SEO) - on top of the chart, a huge cash perspective, is worth nothing, but takes a lot of time. Facebook pay per click requires more money, but also an average investment of time. Next comes Google, which needs less time, but pays more. And finally, Max Edge - takes a small amount of time and spends less money.

If you don’t have the means for clicks right now, it doesn’t matter, hundreds of people started as you worked hard, worked on websites, earned the first dollars, and then bought clicks and traffic. Good luck!

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