Day 17. Evaluation of traffic and statistics on clicks - Profit Hunter

Today is the day for analysis. You should always check your work. What's wrong, correct. Let's see and study our statistics today and decide if we need to change it.

Today's tasks:

  • Rate incoming traffic
    • Using Google Analytics
  • Rate the number of people clicking on your Ads
    • Using WordPressDirect Control Panel - examine statistics on Prettylink
  • If we have traffic but no clicks, change the announcement
    • Using the Market monetization module Samurai
  • If there are clicks but no sales, change the product
    • Using the Market Samurai Monetization Module

Tip : To make a decision on your site, you must get at least 100 visitors to the site. If your site has not reached such traffic, then you need to continue working on it: increase the number of links to the site, write posts and articles, work on traffic.

Measuring Traffic

We hope that your site already has some traffic, which we, of course, will measure through Google Analytics . The first question is "do we have traffic?" - if "Yes", then great; and if "No", then to get one, we need to analyze the getting links, do a lot of work, which we have been doing for the last few days.

For the next week we will show you an excellent target traffic resource. The most important thing is not to give in to emotions, and soberly assess what you see - real statistics.

You cannot control what you have not measured.

Counting ad clicks on

Let's assume that you have traffic. The important question is "do they click on our offer?". If people get to your site, look at posts, but do not click on ads, then sell your product? Two reasons why people will not click:

  1. The market is not interesting
  2. The product or offer is not interesting, or the wrong advertising.

As for the first item, we will not find out the reason until we conduct more tests. Therefore, we must think and see about a possible change in the product. But first, you must understand that in order to assess the situation and make a decision, you must have at least 100 visitors, you must estimate the volume of traffic.

Sales Counting

Maybe on the 17th day you do not have as much traffic, but we want you to be accustomed to follow traffic data: how many people visit Your website, how many click on your offers and, most importantly, do your goods buy?

Market statistics calculator Samurai

Day 17. Evaluation of traffic and statistics on clicks - Profit Hunter

This is a fantastic calculator, over which the guys from Market Samurai did a good job. You already know him. We have 120 visitors, 27 of whom clicked, we also have one sale
If we had one sale of an Amazon product, then we would have earned $ 0. 54. Click on the table and check:

  • click rate is 22.5%, which is not bad
  • efficiency ratio is very good and equal to 3.7%
  • coefficient website efficiency is 0.8%, which is great, but, of course, low for getting money for clicks. You can change prices, monitor attendance, sales clicks. Search your middle ground.

We hope you enjoyed the 17th day. The golden rule for today is to make sure you have enough traffic, many pages, articles and over 100 visits.

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