Day 16 - Part 1 - First Visitors - Profit Hunter

All materials in the original are laid out here.

The race started

Starting today, we are moving to a new stage of the Autumn Marathon - search and receive traffic. Hopefully, quite a lot of visitors will come to your site so that some of them will click on an affiliate link and buy something.

I hope you now understand why we spent so much time researching the market and choosing a keyword.

So ...

Your influential friend

As you already know, this friend will be your blog / site. There are plenty of free and reputable platforms for Google, but I advise you to pay special attention to the Rticlz website. com.

It is based on WordPress MultiUser, so you are unlikely to have problems using it. The main advantage of this site is that on this site you can place as many affiliate links as you want, for which you can be banned from Wordpress or Blogger. The owner of Rticlz participated in the Marathon and in due time suffered from the fact that his blog was closed due to the affiliate link. So he decided to show a gesture of goodwill 🙂

Your blog will look something like this:

Day 16 - Part 1 - First Visitors - Profit Hunter

This is Ed's article, which he wrote as an example. It contains not only information on the keyword (“free speed reading”), but also an affiliate link to the selling mini-website.

First of all, you should upload your article to the blog you created (more on this further ).

Pretty Woman

We’ll be attracting Google’s attention via (formerly Netscape) sites, Digg .com and other social sites.

Day 16 - Part 1 - First Visitors - Profit Hunter

Social Poster

This will help us such an extremely useful service as Social Poster. You will refer to it every time you add new content to your blog.

Day 16 - Part 1 - First Visitors - Profit Hunter

We connect everything above Listed and we get the following sequence of actions:

Day 16 - Part 1 - First Visitors - Profit Hunter

Your blog

In the original version, Ed Dale chose Tumblr’s blogging platform: This is for you to understand why the figures show addresses with such a domain.

At the time of the creation of the lesson, Ed's blog about speed reading was fifth in the issue of exact request.

Day 16 - Part 1 - First Visitors - Profit Hunter

By advanced query (without quotes), he was in 7th position. Agree, not so bad for a blog that appeared a couple of days ago and has a minimum of external links and only one page.

Indexing to Google

After you post your article on social sites, Google will necessarily index your blog for two days. One of the participants had a case when Google indexed his blog in 12 minutes, but this is rather an exception. Count on the time from 2-3 hours to a couple of days.

Now let's look at the whole thing through the eyes of an ordinary person who is interested in speed reading and who wants to know more about him.

Ideally, his actions are as follows:

Day 16 - Part 1 - First Visitors - Profit Hunter

First of all, this person opens Google and types the phrase “free speed reading”. In the issue he sees your blog and clicks on the link. Then if you managed to get his attention, he goes to the affiliate link and - God forbid - makes a purchase. (As you remember, to make one sale per day, you need to attract to the selling site 200 people are few.)

As for the article, it is desirable that this be a small story in a conversational style, that is, as if from the first person and with elements of ne the author’s renditions. A joke here, an example from the personal life there and in front of you is an ideal article.

I will tell you how to create a blog and optimize it for Google in the next post.

Oh, and do not forget to write three more articles for each keyword.

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