Day 16 - A little bit about outsourcing - Profit Hunter

Day 16 - A little bit about outsourcing - Profit Hunter This is the end of the Spring Marathon. I hope he helped you somehow πŸ™‚

. pdf version of the Marathon will try to lay out in a week.

Here are the resources I mentioned in the video:

  • The DigitalPoint Forum, the Content Creation section.
  • eLance. com
  • Guru. com

[wpyt_profile1] O4stvQyflxA [/ wpyt_profile1]

(Again, I don’t give you the download link because there is no download sense.)

As I said before, the Spring Marathon is just the base needed to choose a course and start moving. The most interesting things will start later ... But this is another story πŸ™‚

In the meantime, do not be lazy and start working (a lot of related information is scattered around the blog, study, adjust to fit your needs, ask questions). Nobody waits for you on the Internet, but nobody also closes the door in front of you, so you deserve what you deserve.


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