Day 15 - Where does the traffic come from? Profit Hunter

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The original material of the 15th day performed by Ed Dale can be viewed here.

We have devoted the whole 15 days to market research. What for? Then, that the biggest mistakes are made at this stage. If you do everything right here, it will be much easier next.

Today I (Ed) will explain to you where and how we will take traffic. Today, there are many ways to get free traffic in such quantities that would check the solvency of the market.

Perfect Marketing

Everything changes. Design, tools, styles, tactics, techniques, strategies, approaches - all ... In addition to the basics. The basics remain.

Here are the basics of earning on the Internet: market research, traffic, conversion (sales), product. They do not change.

Where to look for free traffic? The first to come to mind is naturally Google. This search engine covers more than half of search queries worldwide. Sites in the top ten for their keywords get the most niche traffic.

Now we have to get into the issue of Google. There are several ways to do this.

Day 15 - Where does the traffic come from? Profit Hunter

Let's start with the most undesirable: black . Since we are going to build a long-term business, this way is clearly not suitable for us. Mostly in this way doorway.

Naturally, this method also has a right to exist, but Google looks askance at such sites and if it sees it, sends them to the ban.

Proponents of gray promotion methods walk along the blade of a knife. Sometimes they succeed, sometimes not. This option is also an amateur.

Day 15 - Where does the traffic come from? Profit Hunter

And there are white methods, which we will now discuss.

Day 15 - Where does the traffic come from? Profit Hunter

The whole Autumn Marathon is built on white methods. We will build a business, and not seek immediate benefits.

The possibilities for earning quick money on the Internet are full. They even write books about it (and even successfully sell them :)). But all the loopholes or “topics”, when discovered, quickly lose their effectiveness. The search engines drop gray-black websites in extradition and their owners quickly lose traffic (read money).

So let's do what meets the requirements of the search engines. systems, in particular Google.

Google Nightclub

Day 15 - Where does the traffic come from? Profit Hunter

Each keyword is a club. , say, “viagra” is the coolest club and the way there for the absolute majority of us is booked.

But the “free speed reading” is just for us. The level of local disco.

When you walk around local clubs (niches) and make friends (links), you can enter more advanced places (profitable niches).

Google’s attitude to new sites

Day 15 - Where does the traffic come from? Profit Hunter

Yes, Google clearly doesn’t like them. At this stage, he doesn’t want to see you at all in his clubs, be it an advanced establishment or a summer stage in a city park.

stream. Search engines have nothing else to do except to scratch one size fits all.

Google feed old sites.

Day 15 - Where does the traffic come from? Profit Hunter

The older the site, the less likely it is that it is used for bad purposes.

You don’t have friends
Google doesn’t want to have business with you because you don’t have friends. You yourself know that It's almost impossible to get to a cool nightclub without protection.

On the Internet, the equivalent of friends are links. Now no one talks about you and no one refers to you. Google sees this, and therefore closes the door in front of you.

You do not have INFLUENTIAL friends

You don’t have any friends, and even more influential ones, who could take you to any of the halls. And you need them, unless, of course, you want all the doors to open before you.

On the Internet, influential friends are called authority websites . These are sites that have a significant link weight and sufficient favor from Google.

If you take a crochet niche, the largest portal dedicated to this (or several) types of needlework will be the authority here.

As you can see, at the moment your chances of getting to the top of Google on any request (if the number of competitors is not a hundred or two hundred) look very dubious.

Getting to the fore

Day 15 - Where does the traffic come from? Profit Hunter

Initially, this whole approach was developed by Rob Somerville and presented to Immediate Edge members in the summer 2007 Now I (Ed) will try to explain to you why this approach works.

Google hit

Here you will not need any tricks. In the long run, deceiving the search engines is simply not profitable. Do what Google likes, and Google will love you :).

How can you get to this club after all?

You need the right contacts. As they say, what is important is not what you know, but who you know.

So, we need to get into a club called Google. There are three people who will help us with this:

  • you, that is, you have an unsightly website;
  • your influential friend; and
  • a pretty girl who can get attention.

We have already dealt with the site. Go ahead.

Influential friend

Day 15 - Where does the traffic come from? Profit Hunter

He belongs to all clubs and does not against you help. If you use Internet terminology, you can attribute the following characteristics to it:

  • Google loves it;
  • it allows you to place custom content;
  • it allows you to place tags;
  • he is pleased (useful, beneficial) to help you (give a link to your site).


Day 15 - Where does the traffic come from? Profit Hunter

The main thing in beauties is that they pay attention.

These sites have high PR. Remember the addition to Firefox called SearchStatus? So the green bar is that PR. PageRank (PR) ranges from 0 to 10, the higher the better. New PR sites are missing.

These sites seem to say Google: “Hey, Google, look here. I’ve come with him (your site).”

However, you shouldn’t abuse such beauties. You only need them in order to get to the club. And that's it. Long-term relationships with such girls are very, very fraught.

If you start spending all your time with them and forget about your influential friend, you will eventually be thrown out of the club

The last factor is competition

You must understand the importance of this factor. If the club has a long queue, then neither a good friend, nor a couple seducer beautiful beauties won't help you. There is simply not enough space for you. You can be the most wonderful and beautiful person, but if you have 10 people in front of you who are better than you, you are out.

That is why we will begin small. Let's become a big fish in a small pond.

Day 15 - Where does the traffic come from? Profit Hunter

When you realize that in local clubs you are crowded and here everyone already knows you, you can turn your attention to more cool ones parties And so on incrementally.

But for now, let's not jump higher than our heads.

If you apply all the tools and techniques described in the Autumn Marathon, sooner or later you will be ranked first in your specific keywords. You might be able to do it in a day. (There are also such niches.) But you are more likely to have to work for it.

If you are looking for a secret key here, I hurry to upset you: it is not. There are techniques that facilitate or accelerate this process, but even here no one will give you any guarantees. And all because you will not compete with the programmed machine, but with the same as you, a person who also sleeps and sees how he would get out to the first place in the issue.

Why are we doing all this?

Then to get target traffic . Motivated and interested traffic, which to some extent is already set to buy from you what you offer it.

Neither PR nor issue does not mean traffic to you. Because you need not high performance, but specious coins in your wallet. And the last you can give only buyers.

Old and new marketing approaches

Day 15 - Where does the traffic come from? Profit Hunter

See “Detour” in the picture to the left. the figurative sign now stands on most sites that are created to promote products online.

For example, a person is searching for tips on making awesome coffee. He opens Google, puts “coffee making tips” in the search bar, opens the site with the title “Great Coffee Making Tips”, and then - bang - three lines about coffee, two about how to prepare it, and ten about coffee makers.

Previously, almost all Western marketers did this ( that Among them, Ed.)

But now another kind of marketing comes into fashion - trust marketing. This term was introduced by Set Godin. In the original, it is called “permission marketing”.

Day 15 - Where does the traffic come from? Profit Hunter

(This book can be found in Russian translation on Ozone.)

So this confidential marketing is akin to a boat ride on a lake on a quiet summer day (Fig. on right). A person is looking for tips on making coffee, finds a website with a hundred tips on making the best coffee in the world and a couple of partner links to products or services on the topic.

No one imposes anything on anyone. And all remain in the win. The visitor finds what he needs, and the owner of the resource gets a loyal reader, who in the future can turn into a buyer.

It is this approach that meets the essence of the Internet, which consists in conveying useful information to those who are looking for it. Google is also seeking this. Developers are constantly improving the algorithms to make the output as relevant as possible.

There are many ways to make money on the Internet, but in the long run this one — creating a white thematic resource — is the best. After all, over time, the site will not only bring you more income, but its price will increase if you suddenly decide to sell it.

If you have any questions, please write in the comments.

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