Day 15 - Google AdWords Account Registration - Profit Hunter

Day 15 - Google AdWords Account Registration - Profit Hunter This video is intended solely for those who do not yet have an account with Google Adwords. Moreover, in it I just showed how the Google Adwords admin panel looks from the inside and spoke about the main stages of creating an advertising campaign. All the techniques and tricks to improve the return on advertising on Google are already on the blog in the post " PPC revelations from Stompernet" and the course on CPA marketing.

Useful links:

  • Google AdWords.
  • Google Adwords Learning Center.
  • Here you can buy a voucher for a new account on the cheap.
  • Detailed instructions for using Google AdWords.

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There are no download links, because there is nothing to download - information for one-time consumption 🙂

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Meanwhile, Google Trends again provides comparative results for the phrase male yeast infection .

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