Day 14 - Making Money in the Star Factory Style - Profit Hunter

The materials of this day in the original performance of Ed Dale can be found here. Today you will learn how to earn your first money online. Just do not make premature conclusions on the basis of this post. There are still two weeks of lessons ahead. Just read and follow. (This approach is the basis of the “niche webs” that Ed and Den create - my note.)

What do we have at the moment? A couple of niche words / phrases and three little articles for each of the keywords.

Your task is to write three more articles, preferably right now (or intermittently during the day). Open your Bloglines, read the feeds, choose the material and write, write, write. Remember that training, then developing.


A small digression for those who have already experienced the Gtrends tool in action. Just a couple of weeks ago, one craftsman created the Gtrends Made program. Easy, which automates the verification of keywords by Gtrends. You can download it here. There is an explanatory video.

If you don’t understand what the author is saying, it’s okay - watch the video, everything is intuitively clear. , than to start working with the program, you need to stock up a list of keywords. To do this, use Wordtracker. Yes, and when you ask for the Wordze API at the very beginning, click on “No”.

The only drawback is that the program cannot show whether you have a seasonal phrase or not. As for the possible differences in the number of competing pages (if you have already checked your phrase through Wordtracker Gtrends), then the situation is interesting without it.

About a month ago I found a good phrase: about 500 requests per day (for # 1 on Google), 800 pages. A couple of weeks ago, there were already 15,000 pages. Just a few days ago I checked it again - there were already more than half a million pages. And that's all. My blog has been superseded for 40th place. In the top ten appeared fairly strong sites with pages optimized for the phrase.

Why Google didn't see them before, a mystery. Working on the blog further, of course, has become meaningless. Shit happens, as they say. Get ready for such a turn.

By the way, it happens and vice versa. The number of pages may decrease.


But back to today's lesson.

Today our task is to find an affiliate product. We will naturally look for him where he is. The largest selection of digital products for sale is on the ClickBank website. com.

(Unfortunately, ClickBank does not work with the CIS countries. But as you know, you can find a way out of any situation. The first option is to find a friend or relative abroad who could open an account and tell you the login and password. Naturally, you should trust this person, because the money will pass through him. It is also advisable to use the proxies of the country where the person who opened the account lives in. To suddenly not block anything.

The second option is to register with another affiliate network. is not enough. The list you will find at the end of the post. I tested only some of them, so walk around yourself and see what works with your countries, and which are not.)

Thus, ClickBank. Even if you cannot register on the site, go to its “market.”

Day 14 - Making Money in the Star Factory Style - Profit Hunter

At least you will find out if there are any partner products in your topic. As you already know, their presence is very important.

Day 14 - Making Money in the Star Factory Style - Profit Hunter

Since our duty phrase is “speed reading”, I will use it.

Day 14 - Making Money in the Star Factory Style - Profit Hunter

We get the following results:

Day 14 - Making Money in the Star Factory Style - Profit Hunter

As you can see, there are books and audio courses. Below in the list there is also a program for teaching speed reading. In general, there is plenty to choose from. I'm not sure that similar partner products will be in other partner networks, but you will have another phrase as well. Check the phrase in a similar way across all partner networks in which you register.

If necessary, summarize the phrase. For example, instead of “how to improve writing skills”, use “writing skills” or even “writing”.

And do not forget that all that we are doing now is testing the market. Now You need to know if there are any buyers in this niche. To do this, you need to get an affiliate link. What you should do now is: Choose a digital product (wait for the usual goods — to promote physical goods, you must have a website, but no register as a partner.

I cannot show how this is done, because there are not one and not two partner networks.

How do I know that buyers are ready to lay out their money for your product? Everything is quite simple. Direct a 200 (or more) person to the selling site and see if someone buys the product. If no one buys it after 500 conversions, Think about whether to spend time on this niche.

Yes, here’s the promised list of partner networks:

  • Clickbank (dedicated to digital downloadable products)
  • Amazon
  • Commission Junction (focus on physical products).
  • Link Share
  • Performics
  • Share A Sale
  • ClickXChange
  • My Affiliate Program
  • Clix Galore
  • Affiliate Fuel
  • Dark Blue
  • Pay Dot Com
  • Associate Programs
  • Refer It
  • Affiliate Guide
  • Associate Programs
  • Affiliate Match
  • Earn Find
  • Affiliate Programs Guide
  • Affiliates Directory

I copied it from Mike Mindell's blog. Not all of them will suit you, so I recommend checking out each site individually. By the way, not all sites are affiliate networks, as such. For example, the Associate Programs website presents affiliate programs that you can register with only directly by correspondence with the owners of the goods.

Go ahead.

At the moment, the best option for you is Amazon.

(I can't show the picture, some images are not loaded on the main page of the site. Yes, you can look at it yourself :))

Amazon sells almost everything your heart desires. In its arsenal there are 41 categories of goods.

Of course, in perspective, this is not the best choice. But now we are testing the market (and earning some money at the same time), rather than building a business that should bring us 2K American rubles per month. Moreover, Amazon works with the CIS.

One moment. When registering as a partner, you will need to specify the site. If you have none, wait a couple of days. In the next lesson I will show you where to get it (for free!).

And again we hammer our key phrase into the search and search.

Day 14 - Making Money in the Star Factory Style - Profit Hunter

As you can see, there are a lot of goods (only the first one is shown in the figure).

To register (if you have a website - in English !!! - you can do nothing at this time, you can return to this place at any time), go to the following link.

Day 14 - Making Money in the Star Factory Style - Profit Hunter

Read everything you see and fill in all the required fields.

That's all for today.

As the Americans say, enjoy! 🙂

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