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Day 14 - Blog Registration in Directories - Profit Hunter About the registration of sites in directories have already been written and rewritten, but whatever the reason let me insert my own five kopecks 🙂

Useful links:

  • 416 seo-friendly directories.
  • List of blogs and RSS feeds directories
  • Jetspinner is an online service for semi-automatic text rewriting.
  • Synonym base.
  • Useful article about registration in the catalogs of sites from Vin.

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Download link on RapidShare (. Avi, 30,73 Mb).

For registration in directories it is useful to use special programs like AllSubmitter or at least Roboform. With their help you significantly speed up the whole process. It is also desirable to create a separate mailbox, which will receive letters from directories. The main e-mail should not be littered.


For those who use the Gtrends Made Easy tool: Google has excluded the phrase male yeast infection from the Google Trends database. Ed Dale promised to soon issue a few more reference phrases on the mountain, and the author of the program wrote that as soon as Ed will report new phrases, he will update the program and upload the new version for download. Also in the new version there will be an opportunity to set your key phrases as reference ones.

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