Day 12 - Promotion through comments on blogs and forums - Profit Hunter

Day 12 - Promotion through comments on blogs and forums - Profit Hunter We talked about social programs, we go further. With the right approach, other people's blogs, forums (as well as other places where a lot of people gather, like Yahoo! Groups and Yahoo! Answers) can bring tons of traffic and link weight to your blog. But you need to work in white (!!!) . Actually, in the video we are talking about this.

Now for the useful links. First, a couple of links to the previous video:

  • Free service for adding bookmarks to social sites.
  • Well, this is just the finish: semi-automatic submit to 484 social sites from one page (link sent by i_mon, thanks). The list requires verification, come across non-social workers.

Useful links for today's video:

  • Fast Blog Finder is a program for searching blogs by a given keyword.
  • Metaglossary is a service for finding relevant keywords.
  • Another service to search for relevant keywords is Flickr Related Tag Browser.

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Download link on Rapidshare (. Avi, 32.96 Mb).

I got lost in the video a little bit and when I wrote a comment to the blog I indicated the address mindmastery. com instead of themindmastery. com. Do not repeat my mistakes !!! 🙂

Meanwhile, Vin, the author of the MindFlow blog. ru published a post about the need for higher education for SEO-Schnick, which noted many prominent SEO bloggers Runet, including yours truly. Especially recommended for reading those who graduate this year.

With the support of: Stimul-Cash. com - Pharma affiliate program for white SEO.

Together we can do more! - Social network for bloggers.

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