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Day 11 - Post to social networks - Profit Hunter Today we talk about social networks. The topic of promotion through social networks is discussed very widely: there are those who protect social sites, there are those who say that they are not worth a penny, but anyway, with the skillful (and regular) use of social networks, they still bear fruit . Even if the traffic from your bookmarks is zilch, then backlinks will not go anywhere 🙂

Useful links:

  • Social Poster is a service for semi-automatic adding news to bookmark sites.
  • A list of 125 social sites from Search Engine Journal.
  • RoboForm is a program for automatically filling out forms.
  • Bookmarking Demon is a program for auto-registration and auto-posting on social sites (for general information, buying is not recommended yet, there has not been an update since March).
  • BmSubmitter - a script for automatic posting to social sites from the Inspired Brake.
  • Auto Social Poster - plugin for WordPress (also for autoposting 🙂).

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Download link for Rapidshare (. Avi, 37.88 Mb).

In the next video, I’ll talk about blog comments and promotion through forums.

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