Day 11 - Content above all - Profit Hunter

The original material of this day of the Autumn Marathon is swinging and looking here.

So we finished the market research. Now it's time to go directly to content creation.

Good content is above all

No trash. You need only quality content.

It is very easy to determine how high-quality the material that you will post on your site. Answer the question, will the reader get the information that he expected to find when he began to browse your site? Will it be useful for him?

If the answer is positive, then you are on the right track.

No tricks and tricks are needed here. Just good content is enough.

Getting started with the key phrase

Today you will need to write three small articles (for a couple of paragraphs) for each keyword. You can take as a basis those news and blog entries that are in your Bloglines account.

As in previous days, for example, I (Ed) will use the phrase “speed reading.”

Day 11 - Content above all - Profit Hunter

Here we already have 10 entries in the news and blogs. If this is not enough, you can search for information in other places, for example, in Technorati.

Day 11 - Content above all - Profit Hunter

If you don’t have enough Google News and Google Blogs, you also You can subscribe to Technorati.

And don’t forget to browse the first 10 sites that Google gives you about your key phrase. You will also find there a lot of interesting things.

While working in Bloglines, do not forget about hot keys.

So, let's see what we have on news and blogs. I didn’t see anything sensible in the news, but the bloggers are pleased: you can see from only one heading that we can use at least 4 entries out of 10.

Write an article on English is not difficult at all. As I said before, you don’t need to be a translator or a linguist. Enough vocabulary and school knowledge.

At first, writing articles can be creaking, but only until the creation content will become your habit. Believe me, this is not at all difficult.

When you have a few extra tens of dollars, you can order content on the side. But for a start it is very useful to write it yourself. To, as they say, know the process from the inside.

Now I will show you how this is done. Here is the latest entry in Google Blogs.

Day 11 - Content above all - Profit Hunter

In general terms, an article about how one student read 68 pages of scientific labuda in less than an hour.

Google word processor

We definitely need a word processor or processor to create our own content. I advise you to use Google Docs. Access to it is open from anywhere in the world where there is Internet.

So, we need to create a new document.

Day 11 - Content above all - Profit Hunter

Day 11 - Content above all - Profit Hunter

This is practically the same MS Word (basic functions).

Writing an article

Now let's copy the part of the article we like (or the whole article) from StudentHacks. org.

Day 11 - Content above all - Profit Hunter

Let's copy a couple more records into Notepad and export them to Google Docs.

Day 11 - Content above all - Profit Hunter

Now in Google Docs

Day 11 - Content above all - Profit Hunter

make an article from the copied passages. Introduction, start-up, a couple of useful tips, at the end parting word (it is possible without it) - everything is as it should be.

When you put your hand, this will take you 15-20 minutes to go from strength. Now it can be an hour and a half (especially if you know English not very well). If you can not write three articles, write one, but with a soul :).

No one requires you to have perfect spelling and grammar. You just need to learn how to create content.

And don’t forget to include the key phrase in the headline and the first paragraph of the article (some optimization).

Do not use the formal language we were taught in school. A lot of colloquial expressions, stories from life, you can even specially make a typo somewhere. Imagine that you are writing a letter to a friend, and not an introduction to a thesis.

And remember that training, then developing.

Good manners

If possible, refer to the source of the original. Of course, if you wrote an article from material 5-10 articles, this is not necessary, but if from 1-2 it is desirable. Especially if you make a blog entry.

These are just good manners.

I wish you creative success! 😉

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