Day 10 - Filling the Newsletter - Profit Hunter

Day 10 - Filling the Newsletter - Profit Hunter There will be no videos today, just one single link.

This is a free video course Azamat Ushanov "Building an effective trust funnel using e-mail marketing” (don't be afraid, the content is excellent 🙂). Actually, this course is dedicated to more than one newsletter , but many other related topics, so when you have free time, be sure to review all the lessons. In the meantime, you can restrict yourself to those that relate directly to the mailing list. You can download the course from here and from here.

Azamat follows the Western model Online marketing so its with Wety can be applied to a burzhunet without any changes and improvements.


And some useful links (off-topic):

  • Author Seocracy's blog has laid out a free database of medical terms for 137,000 entries, and I recommend anyone who builds his SEO empire. (Registration requires.)
  • 100+ tips on how to protect your network of sites from from Google. Infa very much and all in English.
  • In the topic of the last PR update. LivePR service allows you to check the current PR of a site through several data centers, as well as Google backlinks and, importantly, the PR of all internal pages of the site.

With support: In life there is always a place for blogging - www. sportexec. info.

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