Day 10. Backlinks from WEB sites 2. 0 - Profit Hunter

Hello to all participants of the marathon 2009. Past articles were fully devoted to the creation of our first business site and its launch into the Internet swimming. Let him catch fish $$$ big and small. But this does not mean that this is all over. Our site, like our business, needs support and further promotion.

With this article we are opening a new cycle of practical articles on the topic of backlinks, writing text with optimized keywords and phrases, bookmarking services and much more. Let's provide our hard worker site with feasible technical support.

PS. I would note from myself (from ProfitHunter) that this topic is fully adaptable and run under, since you can successfully use the services described in the marathon for your Russian-speaking projects, websites and blogs. Who got on this blog for the first time, subscribe and keep up to date with the latest news of our marathon 2009.

We will start with two very large bank of articles that we will work with today:

  • www. ezinearticles. com
  • www. scribd. com

E-Zine Articles

Ezine Articles is a service where articles are moderated by people. Plus, the articles themselves are quite closely focused on user experience. Articles contain a lot of information from Google-SEO / Google-Love. So it's very good to get into these articles. Consider some tips before going to the E-Zine Articles website:

  • First of all, read all the Tutorials, Author's Terms of Service (TOS), About Us, etc. Find the time, it’s worth reading. It can take from 2 to 10 days.
  • Secondly, make sure that this article you publish is 100% unique, as the people who publish here are very demanding.

I want to draw your attention to the fact that “it is better to give than to take.” This means that you use the service E-Zine Artiles not only for yourself, but for others. Further, in the study of "O uchayuschego allowance ", you will see that you can put some of his references, after the adoption of the third article. I recommend placing links in the Resourse box fields offered by the service, which you will learn about below. One last thing: your article should contain more than 250 words . Go to the website www. ezinearticles. com:

Day 10. Backlinks from WEB sites 2. 0 - Profit Hunter

Before you post your articles, you need to go through a simple registration and become a co-author of the service. Click on the link " Join Now " in the upper right corner of the site. Next, fill out a simple form, enter the verification code and click the button " Create My Account! ".

Publication articles

Day 10. Backlinks from WEB sites 2. 0 - Profit Hunter

Further steps on working with E-Zine Articles are given by example. After logging in, click on " Submit Articles ” (link in the upper left corner of the site). Suppose we want to mark up an article about animals. Select the category " Pets ” (Pets). Then the sub-category " Cats ” (Cats).

Article Title : my article about Australian Mist Cat (Australian Smoky Cat), because this is my main key phrase. Type Australian Mist Cat - New 'Australian Made' Breed

Keywords : the keywords are australian , mist , cat , cats , breed

Article Body (the body of the article): go to text editor and copy the text of our pre-prepared article. Switch to E-Zine Articles and insert our article into Article Body Box . As I said above, we will not place links in the text of the article. We can play with styles, highlighting our keywords in italics or underlined. (Thus, highlighting the words, we tell Google meaningful and important words).

Resources : in this column I write a little of my biography, and add a few links: one link to my blog, and the second link to the first page of my blog. The E-Zine Articles service assistant will tell you that you can just type in a web address, and he will already format it into a link, but we want to add anchor text with our keywords and make a link. We write links:

  1. On the main page of my blog . a href = ”http: // www. australianmistcat. com / ”. Australian Mist Cat. / a.
  2. Nakokretnuyu blog page . a href = ”http: // www. australianmistcat. com / australian-mist-cat-favorite-new-breed ”. Breeds of cats. / a.

Abstract (Excerpt): for the passage, copy the first few sentences from our article. Attention: the amount of text in the passage is limited by the number of characters.

Check before publication

Before publication, you need to check the correctness of the entered information. Using the Spell-Check option. We check everything completed, and click on Preview Article (preview article). If everything is in order, save and publish. Now the publication takes seven days.

Articles on E-Zine are very respected, and will bring you a positive result. These articles should be an integral part of your online marketing mix.


Let's help your website increase its popularity. The more sites link to your site, the higher the popularity of the site links, the more search rankings and more visitors will be on the site. The simplest sites for getting links from them are social networks. Social networks are sites where people communicate. Some sites are allowed to post articles and documents. Today we consider the site Scribd , where you can post documents. Before we proceed to the next step, you need an article of 300 words about your key topic.
Go to the website www. scribd. com:
Day 10. Backlinks from WEB sites 2. 0 - Profit Hunter

First we need to create our Scribd account. Click on Sign Up , enter your e-mail, name and password. Tip: choose your main keyword as your username. Next, click on the button Sign Up . Everything. Account created by

First, you will be prompted to find and add friends, and import contacts from the mailbox, but this can be done later. Moving on to Profile (profile): at will, you can fill in personal information, but for us it’s more important now to add information about your own website.

Publication of the article

Day 10. Backlinks from WEB sites 2. 0 - Profit Hunter

Now we are ready to publish the article.

Day 10. Backlinks from WEB sites 2. 0 - Profit Hunter

Click on Upload . We can download our article from a Word file. The best option is to use to create such files on the Google Docs service.

Our article will be on the theme “Make soap yourself.” The name of our site will be www. makeyourownsoapnow. Com .

Day 10. Backlinks from WEB sites 2. 0 - Profit Hunter

we add category How-To and Guides and then tags ( Tags ) for our document. A tag, of course, will be a keyword or words separated by commas. Further in the description of the article ( Description ) we also use keywords. Save and we can observe the published article.

Day 10. Backlinks from WEB sites 2. 0 - Profit Hunter

Clicking on the link to become, we get to our Soap site. Excellent! Everything works!

Add links to TrafficBug and Rank Tracker

Day 10. Backlinks from WEB sites 2. 0 - Profit Hunter

For our x sites need traffic. Copy the document link in Scribd and put it in Traffic Bug , create a category that is most relevant to the topic of our article. Add three unique headers and three unique descriptions that match our context. Aggression Level Leave high. We will subscribe to RSS feeds and we will create backlinks to this page. We will not subscribe to search, because Scribd is well indexed in all search engines, and, of course, we will not make the article private.

And finally, we want to track the ranking of this page on Scribd in the search results, which means that we copy the link and paste it into Rank Tracker in the program Market Samurai . Now we follow the information by rating, Traffic Bug itself promotes the site, and your site becomes popular.

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