Day 1 - Niche Hunt - Profit Hunter

Day 1 - Niche Hunt - Profit Hunter In the original, the first day of Marathon 2008 can be viewed here (for this you need to register on the site).

The first two videos are about the tools needed for the Marathon and gives a general overview of the process that underlies the Marathon. As for the tools, here they are: Flock, Twitter and Twhirl, Google Reader and FriendFeed. As for the general review, it is no different from last year’s, which you can read about here.

There is also nothing fundamentally new about the topic of niche search (which in principle is understandable, finding a niche is one of the simplest stages of work). You will find additional materials in the previous Marathon here and in my Spring Marathon here.

But still there is something in this lesson that was not in the past. This is an emphasis on magazines and newspapers .

It’s best to search for them on Amazon, here. Here is a picture just in case, and then suddenly the link does not work.

Day 1 - Niche Hunt - Profit Hunter

When you reach the newspapers and magazines page, find the Categories section in the left column at the bottom of the left column. Categories are great markets in which you can find your niche. The more magazines in your chosen niche, the better - this indicates that there are quite a lot of advertisers in the niche, and this, in turn, is direct evidence that money is found there.

At this stage you need to select 5-10 directions (niches) for further work.

The choice of niches this year differs from the choice of niches in the previous Marathon is that now you need to select not individual key phrases and / or narrow pushes, but whole markets , like “crochet”, or “archery”, or “World War II” (admittedly in English).

Once you have decided on the markets, open Google News and subscribe to the news feeds markets that interest you, i.e. if you are interested in scuba diving, enter scuba diving in the search box, press Search and subscribe to RSS feeds in the results for this query.

You can do the same trick with Google Alerts. Only in this case, the news will not fall into the reader, but into an email box.

Important note: If you do not have enough experience, do not rush to grab niches like weight loss , dog training , credits repair and etc. In the same vein. First, master the process, and after that proceed to more complex tasks.

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