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The first day of the Autumn Marathon has arrived. The original content of this day performed by Ed Dale, see and listen here.

Immediately we will proceed to market research tomorrow. Today we will simply talk about what Internet marketing is.

In principle, learning to make money on the Internet is easy. However, it may take years to improve your knowledge and skills. It’s like chess: five minutes is enough to learn how to move pieces. But to defeat a computer, you need to become at least Kasparov.

Too often we overload ourselves with information and because of this we lose sight of the four main aspects that underlie the whole action called “Internet marketing.”

Here they are:

1. Market research

This is the very first and most important aspect.

First of all, you need to know what the market wants. Therefore you must first find a market and after that start searching for a product.

If you make a mistake, then in 95 cases out of 100 this will be the wrong choice of market. small magician Zinchik to sell coffee there. However, it would be great if you knew exactly how many people would pass by the store, how many will enter it, and how much and what kind of coffee will they want to buy? Now we can really get such information!

Do not neglect this aspect.Do not think that if you have a good idea and you can make it a savory product, rustling green pieces of paper will get into your wallet.

So first of all, make a list of ideas (not products). Do not even think that you know what the market wants, and whether there is this market at all.

Now you have to find a good market. When you do this, he will tell you what he wants. In the search process, use the brainstorming technique.

From my experience I can say (Ed can say) that small and inconspicuous market niches are becoming the most profitable. For example, how to catch a perch is a niche. But how to catch a river perch with a trolling is already a sub-niche or a micro-niche. It is on such narrow niches that you now need to focus your attention. Do not forget that this is only the beginning.

2. Traffic

No traffic, no conversion, no money. Point.

You will not build a store just to admire it, will you? What you need now is to recapture the costs and get a well-deserved profit. And for this you need clients, i.e. traffic.

During the Autumn Marathon, I (Ed) will teach you how to get traffic without spending a penny! No PPC! 100% free traffic.

3. Conversion

In order for a person to buy your product, it must be motivated. And here, believe me (again, Edu), advertising text is far from the most effective means.

How to get a person interested in buying your product? Previously, it was necessary to make a lot of effort to find out. But not this year. Of course, advertising texts are important, but there is something more important and more effective than them. This is what we call the conversion process, and everything related to it.

This includes creating a subscription list and a mini launch of your trial product and much more ...

4. Item

The item is the last to go. Ideally, you should start creating goods only after you research the market, check the traffic and study the conversion.

Creating an information product is not so difficult. You can write an e-book that will take a couple of weeks on the force or, even faster and easier, record audio or video podcasts. Tools for this abound.

You can also sell someone else's product as a partner. I (Ed) do not mean different mlm pyramids. I'm talking about selling real goods to real consumers.

And one more thing. If you want to have your goods, but do not have any desire to work on them, pay another person, and he will do it for and for you. This is a very good option.

The golden rule: do not be lazy!

ACT! You will not achieve anything if you do not act. You must take the first step. Do not just go into the water through the bones to check how the water is there, but with the acceleration dive into the river and row, row ...

It doesn’t matter how many mistakes you make. The main thing that you began to act. You will still have the opportunity to fix them.

Ways to earn on the Internet a multitude of

Straight eyes run. After viewing the eleventh site a la "Earn five mowers, spitting at the ceiling" your brains start to boil and you, naturally, are looking for salvation from all this nightmare: wander aimlessly through the network, switch all 40 channels of cable TV on the machine the magazine - in general, you are doing the discharge.

The Autumn Marathon is good because it goes the same way from the beginning to the end.This is a comprehensive and holistic approach to working on the Internet. Other approaches are good too. But this one was checked by me personally (Edom).

Do not think that $ 10 is not money

Do not dwell on this amount. Of course, if your goal is $ 1000, a dozen will be zero for you. But if you only think about how to earn $ 10 this month, your goal is likely to come true. Making the first money is the hardest. Making $ 10 to $ 100 will be easier, and $ 100 to $ 1000 will be even easier.

But I hate selling !!!

And you don’t need to. Think about the thing you bought because you wanted it very much. Did you sell it to you? Or did you yourself know what you are going for and why you need this thing, and not some other thing?

If you have to sell, it means that you somehow made a mistake.


  • View the content of Day 1.
  • Start recording ideas. Markets, niches, sub-niches. Do not edit anything yet.
  • Review the Warm Up material if you have just joined us.

Bye Bye!

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