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This article opens a series of lessons presented by Thirty Day Challenge (30DC) in this of the season . It is dedicated to four integral parts in the online business .

So, the first component of this magnificent symphony is marketing research. This is the most important part, because it is here that 95% of people make mistakes when they start their business. (If you spend too much time on a bad keyword, it means that you made a mistake on this th stage). Therefore, the first two points that you should immediately find out: A - Is there a market here? and B - Is the market interested in purchasing any product? And if the answer is negative, then you are very lucky, because you spent only a little time and you did not spend a penny on product promotion, testing and anything else.

The second component is traffic, because if you want to sell something, you need your website visited Ed and his team talk about three methods of driving traffic, two of which are completely worthless. And the third, which will require cash investments, is possible only after the first two.

The third component is the conversion. The concept of conversion has many meanings, but in our understanding of the word, conversion is the fact of the purchase made by people who visit your site. The good news is that if you have just disastrously low numbers, everything is fine anyway. The best performance the creators of 30 DC have ever had, one purchase for 200 visitors. Therefore, if they had everything so bad with the conversion, but they were successfully promoted, then you will succeed . And therefore , speaking of conversion, we will affect a little about copywriting and advertising letters. Many successfully use video, audio and presentations. In general, we will show you some very effective strategies.

And the last component is the product. Notice - the last. Most people start with a product, and that's the whole tragedy. They can spend months writing a book, creating a video or something else that requires a lot of creative effort, and then discover that nobody needs it, nobody is going to buy it. And our goal is to avoid it by any means. Of course, no one guarantees you 100% success, but with the help of these four components, you can calculate whether your activities will be completely useless or promising .

Thus, we have four components to search for our niche. And then we consider them in more detail.

This article is fully devoted to finding your niche for new ideas. And the very first thing Ed strongly recommends is that you carry a notebook with you everywhere (it doesn't matter if you are relaxing or working). The idea may appear at any time, and if you do not immediately write it down, then until you get home, it will completely evaporate, although it could bring you a profit of $ 10,000 per month. We also recommend that you always keep a notebook near the computer and write down ideas instead of typing them. Then you can view them over time, and an idea that you didn’t like before may seem very promising. Therefore, write down all your ideas, even the most stupid. The process of finding your first niche does not necessarily have to be painful. You might even like this brainstorming of ideas, browsing various magazines and scouring the Internet in search of what people are interested in. If you are very passionate about something (a hobby or some kind of skill), you can consider this option and find your own sub-niche in this niche, which you can start developing this year. This is a very good option, because you already know this niche, are familiar with the terminology, various websites and magazines on this topic. But you can choose something else, do research and find something else. Take, for example, the magazine "Classic Equipment and Technology". The magazine is fully devoted to ancient cranes and excavators. It is striking that such a journal exists at all, and it is difficult to think of it as a niche. But interest, in fact, is not the topic of the magazine, but what people sell in it, and this is exactly what you should pay attention to. This magazine, for example, sold DVDs about huge old excavators. From our point of view, this is terribly boring, but from the point of view of someone else, it can become a niche.And every time you go to a store and review magazines, you understand how many different niches exist. Therefore, we derive a rule: if there is a journal on any topic, then there is a market for this topic.

And now let's get to one key moment - the difference between a niche and a micronish. This is very important, because if you target micronish, you will have no delays, no hitches, and there will be no strong competition. And then, when you have already put your hand on micronish, you will be able to use your skills for wider niches.

In order to define what micronish is, let's turn to the topic “Shopping.” This topic is definitely awesome. And this is definitely not a niche. Such a huge field of action, where you can buy cars, sports equipment, clothing and much more, simply can not be a niche. Let's break this topic and take, for example, fashion. But this topic is also too big for a niche. We will reduce it to "designer clothes" or "designer bags", and these are already niches. There are many different sites dedicated to designer clothes, bags or jeans.

When we came to the choice of a niche (let it be “designer clothes”) we aim further. Suzim it to clothes from Jimmy Chu or Alexander McQueen (famous designers), and this is a much narrower niche. But Alexander McQueen has a number of design things - he creates bags, clothes, scarves and more. There, as we should consider the topic at the micro level, we will choose "scarves from Alexander McQueen." And this is a micronish. And if you reduce each subject to the micro level in this way, you will succeed.

Magazines and books are a great tool for finding ideas, so let's focus on them. The 30DC team offers you seven sites to search for ideas (of course, they are English-speaking, so those who are not very fluent in English can use similar ones in Russian). In particular, they recommend subscribing to magazines and newspapers on amazon. com, because they have almost all existing magazines and newspapers, which, moreover, are grouped into categories, which makes the search much easier.

If you have free time, do not take it and go to the real store, because there, on the spot, you can browse a lot of magazines and explore many ways product advertising, and you will feel the market as a whole.

Let's consider the amazon magazine subscription site. com. You see that on the left is a list of a huge number of topics, and next to each topic is the number of journals included in it. When we go to the site, we do not necessarily look only at the names of magazines. We can just look for a source of inspiration for the sub-tricks. So let's go to the Brides and Weddings.

A very general topic. And here we see: "Wedding cakes", "Wedding flowers", "Decoration of the hall of the wedding ceremony", etc. When you look at it, various thoughts and ideas begin to come to your head. Suppose we saw the name of the magazine "Studio brides". You went to the association "studio" - "photography". Yeah, "Wedding Photography." Can make a DVD, video, something like a guide?

When you see these magazines and look at the names, you look for your niche in them, some a spark of inspiration, a potential product that you can sell. And remember, you don’t have to create your own product, you can simply find some other product that you will sell as a branch and take a commission for it. And later it will be possible to start creating your own product.

Or, returning to the choice of the theme of the journal, consider “Educating Children”. This is also a huge topic, including many aspects from various child care products to the actual upbringing. Diapers may come to mind (why not organize a branch?). Next, "Pregnancy." And, if narrowed, "Health" - exercise during pregnancy, the definition of pregnancy and many other things that can be sold.

Or the "Writer" theme. Of course, there is a magazine for those who want to start a career analyst. And again, there are many manuals and products in this market - “How to become a writer,” “How to write a script,” “How to make you get printed.”

All these topics are potential niches, as well as a number of others. And when you browse various magazines, you see a lot of advertisements. And many ads are not on the cover of the magazine and not even on the front page.But over the years, many advertisers have tried and tested various ways of placing and submitting advertisements, so why not follow their example? Let them do all the research, let them do all the hard work, and you take it and use it in the online business.

And now let's go to another site (also in English), called ehow. com, quickly run through it and see what ideas come up. And, if any thought that inspires you appears in your head, write it down, do not let it run away, even if it is not exactly what you are looking for.

If we go to the "Arts and Entertainment" section, we will see "How to become an actress or actor." What associations come to you in the head? "How to do a film test", "How to go to the audition", "How to promote your video", etc.

Go to "Law". We see "Request for a visa in the United States." Thoughts? "How to get a green card", "Jobs abroad", "How to travel around the world", etc.

Section "Parties and entertainment". We read "How to serve a party of 50 people." Comes to the head "Restaurant service", and then "How to start a restaurant business", "How to get a trailer for the transport of products."

You see, you just need a spark for ideas to start coming to your head.

Another site to visit is springwise. com. This is just an amazing site, because it consists of new trends, new ideas for entrepreneurs. Be sure to read all previous posts, even over the past few years, because you are sure to find there simply invaluable things. And again, you use the association method.

The goal of all of this is not to get bogged down in all of this, but to accumulate ideas, explore the markets, see what works, and what it is. And do not forget to write down everything that comes into your head, in the future it will serve you invaluable service.

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