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Datacol is a versatile parser with a huge number of useful functions. On the basis of it, you can configure about 95% of the most popular parsers. Thus, Datacol can be useful to a wide range of people, among which are SEOs, owners of online stores, satellites, SMO specialists, dorveyschiki and in general any kind of Internet marketers.

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To begin with, the main advantages of Datacol should be noted. They are listed below:

a. Visualization. Thanks to the technology of visual customization, you do not need to select complex formulas to determine the boundaries of the sections of content that are cut from the site. Just click on the area of ​​the web page that interests you and the parser itself will generate the setting to save the content you need.

b. Flexibility of functionality. The parser has a huge number of settings. Thus, using it you can perform many different tasks of automatic data collection. The most popular ones are listed below:

  • Content parser by URL set;
  • Vkontakte Parser;
  • Content parser by list of keywords;
  • Search parser;
  • Yandex Market Parser;
  • Parser PR, CY, Alexa, DMOZ, etc. from various services to check them;
  • Email parser;
  • Checker for site age;
  • Parser of sites with export to WordPress;
  • Checking indexing sa Comrade
  • The parser Youtube
  • The parser stores; (with export to CSV of any format)
  • External and / or internal links parser from the site;
  • Ad parser;
  • Proxy parser;
  • File parser (music, pictures, video);
  • Parser forums;

c. Export flexibility . Datacol is able to export collected data to the following formats on the fly:
- WordPress (+ free blogs on wordpress. Com);
- DLE;
- Directly in MySQL (thanks to this can be configured to export to almost any CMS);
- CSV (an arbitrarily customizable format allows you to easily create import files for any engines;
- TXT;
- in the near It is planned to add exports to livejournal. com and blogger. com (with the possibility of mass publication). I think this may interest people who have carefully read the posts of the Autumn Marathon.

d. Expandable Functionality. Datacol supports a large number of plugins. Due to this, the program functionality can be constantly expanded. For example, a plugin was recently created to synonymize sparse content via the synonyma. ru service (the best of Russian-language synonymization services), as well as a plugin for parsing Vkontakte the name of an authorized user.

e. Another advantage of Datacol is the presence of a practically full-featured demo version , which allows you to fully understand whether it will cope with the tasks even before purchasing the program. What you need to do.

The advantages described above are well reflected in video examples of the practical use of Datacol. Below are the most interesting ones.

- Blog parser with synonymization and automatic export to WordPress (generation of a unique satellite on the fly):

- Google parser:

- Yandex Market Parser:

- Content parser by keywords:

- Mass checker for age of sites

It is also worth mentioning that Datacol has a built-in proxy checker that constantly parses generates and rechecks It rips a file with working proxies. It also has several built-in browsers that greatly simplify the setting of parsing.
Download the demo version of Datacol and you can buy the program on the official website http: // web-data-extractor. net.

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