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Over the last century, marketers have invented many different methods for turning a person interested in something into a client.

Although the majority of modern advertisers claim that they do not use ready-made models, this happens anyway, so why not figure them out then.

The DAGMAR advertising model was invented in 1961 in America. It is built on several stages and involves the collection of information on each of them, so that the marketer can conveniently make changes not in the entire model, but only in its components. Today we will analyze the structure of this model and explain how to use it.

DAGMAR model advertising exposure | Workion. ru

Practice shows that the AIDA model is most often used. We mentioned it in the article about the selling text. You can’t argue with its efficiency, even professionals use this technique, but you always need to discover something new.

The advertisers learned the DAGMAR approach from the book “Defining Advertising Goals for Measured Advertising Results”. The possibility of evaluating the results at each stage impressed many advertisers, so the model gained immense popularity.

The author of this approach is sure that client preparation for sale should be carried out according to these stages:

  1. First you need to introduce the brand (preferably, it is recognizable).
  2. Then the target audience needs to be convinced that the product is of high quality.
  3. Next comes the psychological disposition of the purchase.
  4. As a result, a deal is made with the buyer.

Everything is very simple and easy to use in practice. To test this model of advertising impact, try to apply it by making a few pages on the site.

Each of them will be created for a specific purpose, i.e. the first one will contain information about the brand, then a page with quality confirmation. On the third page you can use storytelling or any other marketing trick. The last page is needed to order the goods.

By creating several pages, it will be possible to track the results at each stage. Having collected statistics, it is easy to understand what needs to be changed and on which of the pages the buyer changes his mind to take advantage of the offer.

Some experts believe that the DAGMAR model is not well thought out and of high quality.

They highlight a number of negative aspects in its application:

  • difficulty in determining results;
  • difficulties in implementing an advertising model;
  • various noises and inaccurate readings;
  • not suitable for some products (for example, products for everyday use).

In any case, the DAGMAR model has not lost its relevance for more than 50 years and even large resources often tell about it. Advertisers need to be fully prepared, the competition on the Internet is too high.

DAGMAR model advertising exposure | Workion. ru

Skipping at least one of the stages of DAGMAR, the model's effectiveness is immediately lost. According to its author, customers need to be interested in the brand and convince in quality, and only then have to buy. Logically, this is indeed the right approach, and whether you decide to use it or not.

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