Customer support and motivation, the secret of a successful business

In the business area, everything is constantly changing, some products are losing relevance, companies are closing, new ones are being opened, new business models are being developed, businessmen are finding innovative marketing methods, etc., but one thing remains unchanged, customer support It remains an effective way to keep things afloat.

Various methods are used to keep customers' attention; Appleā€™s strategy is a prime example. Despite the fact that their products are sold at a high cost, there are quite a lot of customers, but why not? Because they get a lot of opportunities.

In one year, this company can release several new products at once, thus previous developments quickly lose their relevance and in order to be in trend, consumers acquire new devices.

Customer support and motivation, the secret of a successful business

The secret of successful business in creating an ecosystem

Why does this system work for Apple? The fact is that they took care of the creation of many additional services. For example, by using iTunes and the AppStore, mobile device buyers can make their purchase a convenient tool for many different things.

It is not so easy to organize a similar system for a business, because in addition to developing products, it will be necessary to provide for the possibility of setting up an additional service. Being engaged in the sale of information products can also be done.

Statistics show that most buyers of information products do not apply this knowledge in practice, and if you use e-books or video courses to attract referrals, they simply become ineffective.

Customer support and motivation, the secret of a successful business

How can I fix this? You need to set up an ecosystem for your clients, this can be done through the following actions:

  • Ability to get answers to all questions;
  • To conduct trainings and consultations (including personal ones);
  • Assistance in applying theoretical knowledge;
  • Offering various bonuses (for example, for a site creation course you can provide a bonus in the form of a database of graphic elements, a promo code for a hosting discount, a free domain).

Simply put, customer support and motivation must necessarily be carried out, and it is up to you to decide which methods you use. In this scheme, in winning situations, everything is turned out, you get loyal and active clients, and your clients get additional support and it is much easier for them to implement their own plans.

In addition, a customer located may return to you for a future purchase in the future, which is also the most important moment in any business.

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