CTP and Hull opens the door $$$ for webmasters - Profit Hunter

You are aware that in Moscow and St. Petersburg 99% of motorists are insured by CTP and 65% Hull? I was personally surprised by such statistics. This huge market. How big is it? In Moscow, the population on January 1, 2010 was about 10 million 562 thousand people, and in St. Petersburg - 4 million 610 thousand. Total (on average) - is 15 million people. The webmaster has a place to turn around and a good idea earn . Who else doesn’t know what MTPL and CASCO are, a small background information:

What is MTPL?

MTPL is compulsory motor third party liability insurance. The amount of insurance coverage for compulsory motor TPL insurance is 240 thousand rubles in terms of compensation for harm caused to the life or health of several victims, and not more than 160 thousand rubles for harm to the life or health of one victim; 160 thousand rubles in terms of compensation for damage caused to the property of several victims, and not more than 120 thousand rubles for causing damage to the property of one victim. CTP means avoiding not only traffic police fines, but also acquiring reliable peace of mind while driving!

What is CASCO?

CASCO is car insurance against Damage and Hijacking (Theft). Car insurance only at risk The damage is called incomplete hull insurance. In this case, the risk of damage covers any damage caused to your car: an accident due to your fault, an accident caused by a third party, an accident without a defendant, natural disasters, hail, falling objects, illegal actions of third parties. That is, CASCO insurance implies the protection of your car.

Also, together with car insurance for Damage and Hijacking, you can insure the additional equipment installed on it (over the basic configuration), and the risk of an accident in the car (insurance coverage is assigned either to the entire salon or to each place separately).

CTP and Hull opens the door $$$ for webmasters - Profit Hunter

What is the difference and how to make money on it?

The main difference is that each company specializes in different car segments. Because of this, the price of insurance may differ by 3-4 times. How to be the owner of the car? How profitable to insure your car? What are the benefits of CTP and Hull?

CTP and Hull opens the door $$$ for webmasters - Profit Hunter - a service that instantly calculates the cost of insurance in different insurance companies, so that the user can easily compare the cost with the options chosen by him.

How to attract a person? There are many options: from simple recommendations in person to the creation of narrow-topic sites, tailored to the needs of insurance topics. For example:

Option # 1. 1) Direct a person to the site of the service, where he can independently compare the cost and terms of insurance, consult and order insurance. 2) Place for data to compare the cost on your site. For this there are a lot of advertising materials, banners and a form of payment (available after registering with the service).

Earnings : the webmaster will receive an average of 3,000 rubles from each CASCO sold, and 800 rubles from a CTP.

Motivation for the client . A client who comes from a partner receives an additional VIP discount of 5-10% (if he gets on the site himself, he is entitled to only 2%). That is, it is more profitable for the user to place an order from a partner!

Option # 2. Offer a person to become an online agent. At a minimum, he will start offering insurance to a circle of his acquaintances: send them a link, a letter of recommendation, an email, place a signature on the forum, etc. The advantage of this method is in its long term. Even after half a year when you purchase insurance through the service, you will receive your%.

Earnings : for each CASCO sold, the webmaster and the online agent receive an average of 1,500 rubles, with CTP - 400 rubles.

Option number 3. Earnings on the referral program. The webmaster receives 10% of the revenue of the attracted webmaster.

What does the client get?

The client is waiting for 1) a full set of documents for the policy, 2) quality service and post service, 3) insurance delivery by a design manager to any point in the city, with a clear time interval at 2 o'clock. Or, the client can come to one of the Kasago customer service centers. All questions the client can ask through online support and telephone. But you can buy a policy only through the site .

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