CTA buttons are an important element of the sales page.

The effectiveness of an advertising campaign depends on many factors. Every little thing can affect the conversion of traffic.

Advertisers often forget about minor points, but the result depends on their complex. Even the call-to-action button has a different effect on visitors to the selling pages.

The rules of CTA button design on landing pages are presented in this article. They will be useful to anyone who decided to use landing pages to increase conversion.

It has been repeatedly proved that one-page websites with selling texts and other content help to improve sales, increase the interest of the target audience and turn the visitor into a buyer.

CTA buttons are an important element of the sales page.

CTA buttons - an important element of the selling page

Every landing page always has a button for performing the necessary action. It contains different text "Order now", "Get free" and so on.

It is necessary to think over this moment well, because you want all the users who switch to the landing page, click this button:

CTA buttons are an important element of the sales page.

Achieve the maximum clickable CTA buttons help various tricks. Quality landing page affects everything from the cost of attracting traffic and ending with a profit.

To achieve the best results, listen to the tips on how to design CTA buttons:

  1. There is no unique formula for creating the perfect CTA button, you need to experiment and compare statistics.
  2. Choose the color scheme for the overall design, try different fonts to make a beautiful design.
  3. If there is a small font on the button besides the main text, select it with a different color.
  4. Never use the red color of the button. According to general statistics, people often press on the blue and green buttons.
  5. The CTA buttons must be placed in several areas of the selling page at once.
  6. At the very beginning, you do not need to install a button, because the visitor has not yet decided whether to take advantage of the offer.
  7. The best place to place the Call to Action button is those parts of the text where positive emotions are triggered.
  8. Numerous experiments have shown that people often press the button immediately after the video.
  9. If you add several buttons to a selling page, use different calls to action.
  10. It will not be superfluous to install, next to the CTA button, another button to go to the official website or some important page.
  11. The button should stand out well against the rest of the content, color, size, text.
  12. Use visual effects. The same arrow pointing to the button is focusing attention.

Landing pages for conversion require competent design. Each element on them affects the performance. The marketer must understand all the details, even how the button is properly made.

There are certainly people who say that the design of the CTA button is not so important. Well, then why come up with attractive headlines, write selling texts and try to make an interesting design? Everything is important, but if the selling page is made for yourself, you need to bring it to the ideal.

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