Cryptocurrency Tron (TRX) - forecast, rate, wallet

Traders and investors need to consider as many cryptocurrencies as possible. Now there are a lot of promising projects open, and contributions to them can bring tens of thousands of percent of profit.

We decided to tell about one of the Altcoins, which a few months ago were at the peak of their popularity.

Cryptocurrency: review, forecast, how to buy - all the necessary information will be presented on this page. At the beginning of 2018, these coins were actively bought up, but after correction, their exchange rate dropped.

However, this is not the end, judging by experts' forecasts and the news about Tron, the coin will still rise in price.

Cryptocurrency Tron (TRX) - forecast, rate, wallet

Tron - official website and creation history

Developer Justin Sunn who graduated from the University of Pennsylvania started the ICO of the company on August 28, 2017.

Opinions about cryptocurrency are different, some consider it unfinished and not transparent enough, others, on the contrary, see great prospects for a project that can combine all digital content.

It was created for easy exchange of information. In the network, each participant can add content and conveniently distribute it.

Unlike ordinary sites, you do not have to search for the right data for a long time and watch a bunch of any advertisements. Earnings for developers is not the main goal, they made a convenient tool for humanity.

A simple example to make it easier to figure out: TRON's closest analogues are Appstore and GooglePlay.

The TronFoundation organization, which has a real office in Singapore, promotes and improves the project.

Initially, Tron tokens belonged to the ERC20 standard (were created on Ethereum), but on June 25, 2018, the own blockchain was launched and it is this date that is called the day of independence of the Throne.

Developers have a roadmap for 10 years ahead. If they manage to realize all their ideas, we will get a huge network for sharing content, where there will be no more intermediaries.

First of all, it will be useful for info-businessmen who can directly sell data without using third-party services.

Features and Benefits of TRON (TRX)

In addition to the fact that the network has practical use, the Tron cryptocurrency can be used as a full-fledged payment tool. Transactions are carried out very quickly, and in the plans of the developers to provide hashrate 10000 TPS.

The creators call their project the new operating system of the blockchain. In part, they are right, their technology is used by developers, because you can write code in Java, not Solidity, like Ethereum.

In the future we plan to add other programming languages. The flexibility of the system is much higher than that of the main analogues (Ethereum, NEO).

It takes time to develop, but the TRON network is now gaining momentum, because it has several advantages:

  • absolutely any content can be distributed;
  • any beginner can post content;
  • all data formats are supported;
  • content distribution is able to receive rewards;
  • developers can conduct ICO;
  • Tron , it is also a payment system;
  • the project supports multiple cryptocurrencies;
  • smart contracts are available.

Besides all this, additional tools are provided in the system. The ability to create stand-alone games, there is a distributed exchange and much more.

You can find even more information about the project on the official website (there is a Russian version).

Information about tokens TRON

Despite the support of many cryptocurrencies, the main currency is TRX. It is used to exchange with other cryptocurrencies. To increase the value of the coin, the combustion of a part of the emission is used.

In total, 99 000 000 000TRX will be launched into circulation. How the coins were distributed:

  • 39% - used for trade;
  • 36% - the base of the platform;
  • 16% - in the hands of private individuals;
  • 8% remain with the developers.

At this point, not all coins have been issued yet, the developers decide for themselves when the time of the new batch comes. Mining cryptocurrency Tron is not available, so altcoins can only be obtained by purchasing (if you do not use the project itself).

Course and TRON news

Like many other cryptocurrencies, at the end of 2017 the TRON chart skyrocketed.

This is due to a number of factors, the coins were connected to the Peiwo social network in China (very popular in heaven), heightened interest in the crypto market as a whole, etc. Then the correction began, but still the rate went up:

Cryptocurrency Tron (TRX) - forecast, rate, wallet

Comparing the figure last year, the cost of the TRX rose more than 10 times. By capitalization, cryptocurrency is now in 12th place.

To a greater extent, further dynamics depend on the news. If we rely on technical analysis, by the end of 2018, the coin can already reach the mark of 0. 6 $ for 1 coin.

TRON cryptocurrency wallets

When the coins were tokens, they could be stored on any Ethereum wallet with ERC20 support. Now it is a separate cryptocurrency, and the developers offer their own wallet.

It can be downloaded from the official website, in the "Wallet" section there are several options:

Cryptocurrency Tron (TRX) - forecast, rate, wallet

There are mobile applications, online and desktop version. The easiest option is to register at. Through this service, transactions are also tracked. Plus, you can store tokens created through TRON on the account.

This cryptocurrency is supported by the Ledger hardware wallet, it is the safest way to store altcoins.

In addition to the list of wallets, on the official website you will find a list of services that support reception and payment in TRX. Currency Tron gradually added to the well-known projects.

How to buy TRON?

There are no problems with the purchase of this cryptocurrency, because it is quite popular. Those who plan to invest for the long term, the easiest way to use exchangers.

You can find them through. Free monitoring will help you find the best rate and collects data only from verified exchange points:

Cryptocurrency Tron (TRX) - forecast, rate, wallet

First you need to select the exchange direction on it. In the "Receive" field, select TRON, and in the "Give away" field, the currency you have.

It can be electronic money, funds on a bank card (Sberbank, PrivatBank), even cash. Next, the system selects sites where it is possible to exchange Fiat for Tron:

Cryptocurrency Tron (TRX) - forecast, rate, wallet

Here you can see the minimum amount, reserve and you can read reviews. As you can see, these exchangers are exclusively positive reviews, but the courses are somewhat different. Therefore, we choose the first one and fill in the usual form:

Cryptocurrency Tron (TRX) - forecast, rate, wallet

For example, payment with Payeer was chosen. We specify the amount and enter the account number TRX. Then we are transferred to the official page of the payment system, where you need to confirm the transfer. Basically, operations are carried out instantly.

Instructions for buying TRON on the exchange

Almost all known exchanges support TRX, the choice is huge. Beginners who do not plan to engage in trading is ideal. This exchange does not support many altcoins, but here you can replenish your account and withdraw money in national currency.

For those who have never used cryptocurrency exchanges, we offer detailed instructions:

  1. Registration is standard, fill out the form and confirm the mail. There is a verification on Eksmo, but it is required only for working with bank cards, it is not necessary to pass it:

Cryptocurrency Tron (TRX) - forecast, rate, wallet

  1. After logging in to your account, you need to go to the " Wallet "and choose there account to replenish. These can be rubles, dollars, euros and other national currencies:

Cryptocurrency Tron (TRX) - forecast, rate, wallet

  1. Next you will see the available ways to recharge your balance. For each currency, they are different:

Cryptocurrency Tron (TRX) - forecast, rate, wallet

  1. Now on this exchange TRX is available for exchange for USD, RUB and BTC. Therefore, it is desirable to replenish the account in this currency. If you made a deposit to another, use the built-in exchanger. Then go to the "Trades" section and select the desired trading pair through the search form:

Cryptocurrency Tron (TRX) - forecast, rate, wallet

  1. In the center of the page you will see forms through which users create orders for sale and purchase of cryptocurrency. Here you can specify your price and volume of coins. And if in doubt, choose market orders. In this case, the average price will be taken:

Cryptocurrency Tron (TRX) - forecast, rate, wallet

  1. After adding the offer to the exchange, you just have to wait for someone to start selling TRX at the specified price. To make a deal instantly, you can select one of the orders, their list is under the forms:

Cryptocurrency Tron (TRX) - forecast, rate, wallet

  1. Just click on the order to fill the form. You will need to press the "Buy TRX" button after which the transaction will be immediately carried out and the newly purchased Tron can be withdrawn to your wallet:

Cryptocurrency Tron (TRX) - forecast, rate, wallet

Through the exchanges you can find more profitable conditions, besides, they are safe and comfortable. With one account you can buy and sell different cryptocurrencies at any time of the day.

The transaction commission is only 0. 2%, and on some exchanges it decreases at high speeds.

Exchanges for buying and selling TRON

The instruction above is universal, because all exchanges are similar. They differ in design, but in terms of replenishment, withdrawal and conducting transactions, there is no difference.

If Eksmo does not suit you for some reason, you can buy and sell the Tron cryptocurrency on these sites:

  • ;
  • ;
  • ;
  • ;
  • ;
  • ;
  • ;
  • ;
  • ;
  • ;
  • ;
  • ;
  • .

Somewhere reduced commission, somewhere convenient ways of replenishment or withdrawal, each project has its pros and cons.The throne is supported by almost all well-known exchanges, and this already speaks of its reliability and solidity.

Mining TRON

It is impossible to mine the Tron drones, there is no mining. At the moment, 65 billion coins have been issued, when the new batch will be unknown. The only way to make TRON is to actively participate in the distribution of content.

While all the nuances are not specified, but the forums have information that rewards can be credited for interest in the data submitted, and payment can be credited not only in TRX.

TRON Forecast - Prospects

Do you know what the course of any cryptocurrency is most dependent on? From popularity, which creates increased demand.

Cryptocurrency The Throne, like the project itself, is developing rapidly, and in the popular Forbes magazine it was compared with the Alibaba company, with which many analysts agreed.

The company is officially registered in Singapore as a non-profit organization. This means that no one can affect its activities. Most of the partners and investors are concentrated in China, experts from Asian countries are working on finalizing the project.

Plus, entertainment on the Internet is a huge area, namely TRON is focused on entertainment content.

Expert opinions differ on how much the TRX rises in price. But there is little doubt that this will happen. According to most forecasts, TRON at the beginning of 2019 will cost $ 0. 25, and this is an increase in price by 10 times.

Of course, many depend on general trends in the field of cryptocurrency, but a new wave will definitely come sometime.

The prospects for Tron cryptocurrency are obvious, a good idea has been chosen and it has been correctly implemented.

Now it remains only to count on the activity of developers who will continue to improve the system and the interest of the audience. If all the goals are achieved, the TRX course will definitely take off.

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